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Monday, June 2, 2014

After reading her heart felt emotions, I couldn't help but send back a deep meaning response. Her following letter emitted the same wonderful feelings:

Response May 20th

If you love to read books, perhaps you'll find one of interest:

May 20th Julia

Dear Jeff
It is again pleasant to me to see the letter from you.
I not often to happen online because of my work. I to travel across
Turkey much and to check ecology. Therefore I often to happen out of a
network, but I will always try to answer your letter.
I will speak more about myself. I was not married. I do not have children, 
but I very much want in the future of two or three children. 
My parents very religious Christians and they want, that my husband was too the 
Therefore it is very heavy to me to find the man in my country.
I to use yahoo messenger for conversation with my sister and it will
be very pleasant to me to have conversation with you there. If you can
add mine email in messenger when I will online we we can speak with
you. I am not registered in social networks as facebook or twiter. I
think in the future to create there page after I will arrive in the
states. Then my relatives and friends can find my page there and can
add me. While I do not dare to create page there.
I very much like to prepare different dishes, I know recipes about 100
dishes. I like to do dishes of a potato. Here it is very difficult to
find good meat in Turkey, therefore we to use a hen. I to do many
dishes of a hen, especially I like to do chicken nuggets. Today I have
prepared mashed potatoes with salad from cabbage.
What it is pleasant to you in meal? You have an experience cooking?
Before a dream, I like to look films or serials. I like to look
documentary films about animals. To me like to look a film about Polar
bears. Recently I looked a film the Bear in the north, it was such
touching film. I very much like to look the Serial "Friends" and
"Walking Dead " I wait new a series of this serial. I very much like
to go to a cinema for viewing of new films. What films like you?
I will finish the letter and to wait from you for new letters. Please
if you to have questions to ask me about it. I will sincerely answer
each your question. Thanks, take care.
Modest kiss from Julia.
Tell me, this isn't true love????? 

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