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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Men! Beware of Turkish, Russian catfish.

You've seen it on TV, the internet, or maybe you've actually received an email or two from the hottest women in the world professing their undying love for you and you might actually believe it. I hate to disappoint you guys,, it's only a mirage.
However, if you still believe it's true and those gals really want to join you in marital bliss in the states, perhaps you can use some of my thoughts and comments when transcribing your next undying letter of passion for your bride-to-be. 
Join me and my phantom love, Julia, as I delve into the most inspiring conversation I've ever been engaged in or chronicled, under the influence. That might not be fair. I shouldn't speak for Julia or Gregori.

Happy reading!

Catfished? Jeff and Julia's Saga is only a click away and it's only $.99. 

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