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Friday, June 13, 2014

I know it was wrong of me to keep my true love waiting, but some times life has a way of getting in the way. Actually, since many of my FB friends wanted it a little spicier, it took some time to write a response FB wouldn't ban. ON with the saga! Installment # 6? of the Jeff and Julia soap opera.

June 7

My Dearest Juilia, Many apologies for neglecting your latest warm greetings and heartfelt thoughts. Our letters are finding it very difficult for me to concentrate and pursue my writing career. Instead of diligently tending to the tasks at hand, I find myself enamored and overwhelmed with the beautiful pictures you have filled my mind with. Images of you frolicking in the Mediterranean’s warm, sunny waters have me wanting you more and more each day. The pain is almost unbearable. I know I should eat in order to keep my strength up, but how can a man think of food, when his heart is filled with such wonder and joy?

I can no longer resist the temptation. I must tell you what’s on my mind.

I spend the nights dreaming of losing myself in your sparkling orbs of blue as I gently apply coconut oil on your abdomen, while we bask in the warm rays of the Mediterranean Sun. I ache with passion as I unhook your top, exposing your taut, hard, silicon honeys. I fondle them till I’m assured you are fully aroused. We exchange light kisses, igniting our pent-up passions. You coo and tremble as my lips and hands slide over you tantalizing soft skin. Your taste is pure, sweet, honey.

I whisper thoughts of carnal excitement in your soft warm ear. You turn your head and respond with a quick bite on my lower lip and a squeeze of my groin. I grow with excitement at your touch. My mind numbs with the thoughts of the pleasures we’re going to share. Your eyes widen at the wonder growing in your hand. I reply by sliding my left hand down your abdomen and under your bikini bottom. My hand is greeted with a warm, wet, wonder.  You tremble and moan with my touch as I slide my fingers around your most intimate area. You gasp and whisper as my fingers slowly move inside of you, “Yes, my love. Yes.” 

You squeeze me harder unleashing my member to maximum size. My finger bring you climax. You beg for more but not from my fingers. You beg for me to penetrate you, filling you with what you have brought to life. We rip off our lower pieces of clothing. I spread your legs, moving on top of you. You brush away my hand as I guide it towards your pleasure hole. You want to guide it in. I stare into your pools of bright blue as I feel myself going deeper and deeper in your hot, wet, walls. They grip me hard, pulling me farther and farther into your depths of pleasure. You can take no more. Your legs wrap around my taught torso. Your chest is heaving, controllably, up and down. You open your eyes. “Love me like you’ve loved no other, JEFF!”

The next twenty minutes are the most exhilarating sexual encounter either of us has ever experienced! 

I roll off your hot sweaty body. We both gasp in the salty air of the Mediterranean reliving our lust. Ten minutes pass. You roll on our left side, rubbing your soft right palm on my chest. I shade my eyes, staring into your eyes. They are filled with joy. “Jeff, I do whatever you want.” I ponder her words with great deliberation.
“Would you really, Juilia? Anything?”
“Yes, my love.”
“Excellent. Get me a Miller Genuine Draft and the remote. The games about to start.”

I only have eyes for you,


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