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Sunday, April 11, 2021

COVID update We 4-11-2021


COVID 19 update 31,714,496 total cases, 561,231 deaths. New cases, 475,955, an increase of, 110,039. 9,929 deaths last week an increase of 1,004,. Deaths per day, 1,508 since WE 4-29. Down 10 per day from last week. Deaths/day WE 4-4, 972. A increase of 100/day. Six states still account for 25.521% of cases and 30% of deaths: NY, NJ, CT, CA, MA, WA. TX and FL 4,994,419 16% of cases and 83,351 deaths, 15%. It is the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Death rate versus known cases, US infection rate, 2.4107%, mortality rate, .1701% New Jersey has one of the highest rates of mortalities versus population at 11%. States with the biggest increase over 10% from previous week, Oklahoma-1,716 increase. This makes no sense! Ok averaged 106 motalities per day since 6-1-2020. Average per week, 105. Highest weeks were 1-24, 279, 1-31, 273 and 2-6 2021 257. The numbers have slowly gone done until this week. A KOCO articles has the provisional death count at 8003. That’s 1364 higher than the reported number. When did mortalities become provisional?  All other states were stable at 1-2% increase. US accounts for 23.496% of known cases and 19.485% of mortalities, worldwide. Good to see this number slowly coming down. Comparison to other countries mortalities to population: Bosnia .2211% England .1907%, Italy .1891%, US .1701%, Brazil .1667%, Mexico .1671%, Spain .1631%, Peru .1619%, France .1496%, Sweden .1322%, Of the developed countries, Australia is holding steady with no new mortalities reported at 908. They’ve lost one person since WE-11-29-2020. These numbers come from the CDC and John Hopkins.  

          US recovery rate of those testing positive is 98.20%.

          The big four results. NY continues to report a 3% increase each week. FL 2% TX 1% and CA 1%, Thought Cuomo had this beat, according to his book. Yet, each week the numbers keep going up. Good job Andrew.   

          Here’s a new stat worth looking at, mortalities per country: Brazil 351,334, Mexico 209,212, India 169,275, United Kingdom 127,080 Italy 113,923. Haven’t heard anything on Brazil have you? Brazil is having an explosion of cases and deaths.  On another note, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador have a combined 2% infection rate and our border is open to them why?

Friday, April 9, 2021

Breast Cancer and Relationships


Breast Cancer and Relationships

The yearly month for Breast Cancer Awareness has come and gone. During this time everyone wears pink, runs for a cure and pledges to beat the disease. We hear all the wonderful stories from those fighting it and those who have beat. it I tip my hat to all ladies and yes, there are a few men who contract the disease. But what of those who weren’t so lucky? What of those who are left to piece together and wonder, why me? Why indeed. ‘

In the winter of 2009, I reunited with my high school sweetheart after a thirty-year separation. She told me she’d had a mastectomy in May, was through with her chemo and on the tail of radiation treatment. She stressed she was bald. My reply, “And?” My response took her by surprise. She really did try every trick to warn me of her physical issues. Guys, I can’t stress the word physical enough. Sure, when we dated in high school, so many years ago, physical attraction is a plus. But as we age there has to be more to a relationship then just looks. There has to be something deeper; something that keeps drawing us back to that special person; something that can’t be quantified or measured. Something deeper and more important: “unconditional love.” I thought I knew what the term meant, even though it was a new concept. But nothing prepared me for the most traumatic moment our relationship would endure. See, when we reunited ,I told her, hang on guys, sex wasn’t important. If it happened, fine. If not, that was okay too. The main thing I cared about was spending time with she and her girls.

For the first six weeks, the relationship was everything I’d hoped for. Each Friday, I would drive two and-a-half hours to be with the love of my life for the weekend. There was plenty of kissing and petting but we hadn’t consummated the deal, yet. When that day arrived, I would come face-to-face with a make-or-break situation. What, you may ask, could be so important? It was something I never thought about even though she’d mentioned it in the very beginning—mastectomy! We went into her bedroom. I moved to turn off the light and she said, “Please, leave the light on.” For a fraction of a second, I thought it an odd request until the word broadsided me—mastectomy! She wanted to see my reaction when she bore her naked chest. She wanted to see if I would be repulsed with the sight. Tears slid down her cheek as we both gently removed her top. It was a make-or-break situation. I looked into her deep brown eyes, placed my left hand on the long scar where her right breast used to be and told her, “Debbie, I love you for who you are, not what you’ve lost.” That moment defined our relationship for the next four months—unconditional love. Guys, I’ll be honest. As a veteran of many surgeries and scars, nothing could prepare me for that moment. We wear scars as a badge of honor. For a woman who’s lost a breast, not the case. It not only affects their physical form, but the mental as well. If, and I hope none of you ever have to go through this, it does happen to you, remember one thing, despite them losing a part of their body, their heart and soul is why we fell deeply in love with her. Our full story can be found in the publication, Love's True Second Chance

Biden versus Trump and past President"s EO's


            Once again there seems to be an outrage over how EO’s Trump signed. Seems that’s all the left can do instead of looking at the facts. So, let’ review. In four years, Trump signed 220 EO’s or 55 per year. One might think that’s a bit of over kill until you look at his predecessors and the current President. By the number FDR 3728, Wilson 1803, Coolidge 1203, Teddy Roosevelt 1081, Truman 907 and Taft 724. Joe is on pace for 708 in four years. Didn’t he say back in October that governing by EO is the sign of a dictator? Yes, he did. Biden has signed 39 EO, 6 proclamations and 16 memos.

            What about EO’s per year? FDR 307, Hoover 242, Wilson 225, Harding 216, Coolidge 215, Biden 187(est). Trump comes in at 15th for most per year.

            One has to love the 9 immigration EO’s Joe overturned. How’s that working out? It’s costing the US taxpayers only 60million per week. That’s only a little over 2 billion per year. Excellent policy, don’t you think?

            Let’s look at one more item, only this wasn’t done by EO; Congress just did it. The new National Monument in DC, the Congressional Wall. I do hope pieces of it are put in the Smithsonian for future refence. That cost today is at least 500 million dollars! That’s over and above what a normal inauguration usually runs: 100 million. No one, including FOX is raising hell about this. That far exceeds all the press coverage of Trump’s golf outings doesn’t it?