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Wednesday, December 8, 2021


"Destination D. C. didn't need an introduction. Our four adventurers are continuing on their journey only to encounter new players with an agenda that has been in place for decades. The new players will keep you guessing as well as the alliances they form.
The movement of the storyline, with the suspense, intrigue, scientific possibilities and growing relationship of the main characters will have you turning the pages to read more. There is a twist that caught me by surprise. Gateway-Pioche should be read before this one, I hope there is a third book.
Engaging, fast paced adventure, a good read." 


Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Jeff Dawson remains one of my favorite authors. Not only are his stories salted with a wonderful dry wit, but he also seems Hell-bent on blasting through the neat lines that have decimated the creativity of so many authors over the years. In "Gateway: Pioche" he has done it once again. This time he and Larry Welch have successfully given this coming of age travel story a time-travel twist, and the result is a fascinating romp that will keep you reading long after bedtime.

Stanford University in California is one of the world's leading research and teaching institutions, but it is also a place where unusual friendships can flourish. And there could be no more unusual group of friends than Muki Nguyen, an attractive and brilliant martial artist; Larry Kowalski Jr. a high school valedictorian and Star Trek fan; Judith Anderson a model-beautiful girl trained as a professional racer; and finally Abdul Farad, a prankster and Star Trek fanatic who could give most Vulcans a run for their intellectual money. When these four college graduates head out for Las Vegas to catch their breath and make a few dollars counting cards, there is no way they could have known that their combined future would soon find them personally visiting some of the most memorable moments in Earth's history.

Now I could go on to describe how a pair of mobsters and a mad car chase forced these gifted travelers into the midst of a crazed scientist and a top secret, abandoned military project, but it might be best to let readers enjoy those tense moments for themselves. All I will say is that "Gateway: Pioche" is as fun as it is surprising, and I for one was pleased to hear that a sequel to this genre-bending novel is currently underway.

Highly recommended. Tim Greaton



Sunday, December 5, 2021

Guinea Pigs of the 70's and 80's.

 "They say you get what you pay for, but in this case, you get MUCH more than you pay for, especially for something that currently costs nothing. Since I was born in the late 1950s, I am certainly a child of the '60s and '70s and beyond. The Beatles, the Stones, new technology, disco (yuck)... you get the picture. Mr. Dawson, an excellent writer of numerous books, captured the essence and wonder of all that "new technology" perfectly in "Guinea Pigs." Back them, we were willing to try anything new - and usually did - oftentimes with unintentionally hilarious results. Mr. Dawson took me back to those wondrous times perfectly; I related easily to his experiences and laughed out loud a lot. My own children, currently 27, 19, and 16 have no earthly idea what we "guinea pigs" of the '70s and '80s went through so today's youth can have their TI programmable calculators, ultra-slim laptops, Bluetooth earbuds, online banking, GPS systems, iPhones, Xbox Ones, atomic alarm clocks, and every other modern convenience they take for granted. In fact, I'm going to suggest that my kids read this. Sorry, I need to end this review because the 8-Track player just ate my "Band On the Run" tape..., jeez. Do yourself a favor and get Mr. Dawson's book. It's a quick read and brings those days of yesteryear into sharp focus with a great deal of humor. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.:


Get a copy today!!!!! Guinea Pigs of the 70's and 80's.

COVID19 UPDATE WE 12-5-2021


COVID 19 update 49,010,250 total cases,786,803 deaths. New cases 865,451 an increase of 3811,894 from last week. Deaths 9,713, up 2,266 from last week. Mortalities are 774 day, a decrease of 319 per day from last week. The average death toll per day for the last 704 days is 1,117 an increase of 3 from last week. Interesting note, there is a difference when adds up individual states. When the total per state per week is added up, it’s off by 7,690. How can that be?

Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Peru .6184%, Bosnia .3843%, Brazil .2938%, Argentina .2558%, Columbia .2557%. US .2384%, Mexico .2355%, Italy .2226% England .2184% Spain .1886%, and Sweden .1473%. Top countries in mortalities, US 786K, Brazil 615K, India 470k and Mexico 294K.Top mortality countries last week, US 9,713 Russia 8,331 India 1,976, Brazil 1,384, Mexico 1,290, and England 827, Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA. account for 22.867% of cases and 25% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 16% and 17%. FL has the highest infection rate/population 17%. TX, 15%, NJ, NY 14%, MA. CA 13% and CN 12%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 28,626, CA 6,033, TX 18,830 and FL 9,184. They account for 17% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.39% of those infected.

Worldwide, the US accounts for 18.465% of cases and 14.888% of mortalities. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 16. Top six, MI 553, FL 401, CA 384, TX 321, PN 270 and TN 228.

Vaccination rates 42.9% Worldwide. United States 59.7%.

All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.

So, what conclusions can be drawn from these numbers? Not much. The numbers keep bouncing around like a super ball with no direction and half the time, the numbers, especially mortalities, never zero out. That alone should be a signal that reporting is thin at best. And someone tell me where the number 80% of US citizens inoculated comes from? Beats the hell out of me since the reported number is 59.7!%. Are we closed to combating and defeating the virus? Despite what the MSM bobble-heads and politicians keep spouting off, the answer is a resounding, no! What is even more enlightening is college football. Why isn’t the press clamoring every weekend, that they are “Super Spreader Events” and we’re all going to die? Why? Because of all the money they are racking in. It really is that simple. ESPN and the MSM were at the forefront of condemning rump rallies and any event held in a red state. Remember the dire warnings of the Superbowl in Florida last year? Yeah, that.

In conclusion, this virus is going to evolve and run its course no matter what we do, just like it did in 1918-1920. Lock downs didn’t work. Masks did’nt work. Social distancing hasn’t worked. And for those who say I’m full of it, fine. But if we were winning, then why aren’t the numbers dropping? In two weeks, at present numbers, the current administration that swore, quit emphatically, they would crush the virus, the number of cases and mortalities with match, then exceed the number of the prior administration. And that’s a fact!