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Saturday, January 25, 2020


For a moment, let’s put aside our staunch political views and examine the current hearing/trial.
            Given: Trump is not the most likeable President we’ve had in a long time. He has a list of character flaws many of us find abhorrent. Personally, I wouldn’t drink a beer with the man.
            2016 Election: We had two choices Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Many voters held their nose and voted. Many said it was a choice between the lessor of two evils. That is a fact! At times he is boisterous, overbearing and flat out obnoxious. He spends too much time, or one of his staff, on twitter hammering the left. Many on the right say it’s the only way he can get his message out. I disagree. Sometimes it’s better to say nothing and let your opponents fall on their own swords. We all know about his three marriages and infidelities. We are also aware of Hillary’s husband’s illicit affairs. Maybe not all of them.  
            When the country realized, Trump was going to win, the outcry from the left was immediate. “Not My President” and “Impeach him!” slogans sprang up overnight. You can’t impeach a president-elect who hasn’t been sworn in.  We saw the sudden rise of Antifa. They purported riots across the country and destroyed property.  The left said nothing.
            During Trump’s campaign, of which many News agencies and Hollywood leftists said Trump wasn’t going to be President- Clooney, Hanks and all the avenger cast, started getting worried because he kept gaining momentum and one-by-one knocked off his seasoned political opponents. No one saw that coming.
            The Obama administration authorized surveillance of Trump and his campaign. This is shades of Watergate. They also opened an investigation, Mueller, into, election meddling his ties with Russia on potential real estate deals in Moscow.
            In the first case, they did find meddling. The Russians supported both Trump and Sanders. They despised Hillary. The spent a total of two million dollars. Fourteen Russian Nationals were indicted which amounted to nothing since they weren’t legal citizens and went home.
            In the famous Mueller Report, he found no collusion with Russia or Obstruction of justice. Read the entire report. I’d like to add, I read the Mueller report with an open, analytical mind. If, like Nixon, I would have found damning evidence that Trump was a traitor, I’d be right there with a rope!
            Yet here we are with the Ukrainian fiasco- the with holding of funds to an ally or so the story goes. This all started with the Steele dossier that produced the FISA warrants to investigate Trump and his associates. We are finding out the warrants should have never been issued because the supporting evidence supplied by the FIB for the warrants was at best, faulty and unsubstainiated.
            During the House of Representatives Impeachment hearings, time after time, the American public was told there was overwhelming evidence to show Trump colluded with Russia and that the Trump Administration wasn’t going to provide the funds until the Ukrainians investigated Joe and Hunter Biden with the corrupt company, Burisma. This story like many, died over night. Why? Is it not worth looking into? Imagine if any of Trump’s children would have been on that board. What would the media be writing? What allegations would be flying around?
            Trump is in bed with Putin. How many times has this narrative been vocalized? I guess that’s why he bombed the Syrian Air Base to stop their aggressive nature. Syria is an ally of Russia and if Trump was an ally of Putin, do you think the attack would have been authorized? And why all the gnashing of teeth over Ukraine and their war with Russia? What did the prior administration do to stop Russia from invading the Ukraine and Crimea? If you do a search, Obama was meeting with Putin and made the statement, “We’ll deal with that after I’m re-elected.” Also, why did Biden/Obama threaten, in public, to withhold one billion dollars in aid?   
            Under Trump, the following has happened: stronger military, NATO paying their fair share for our military policing, booming economy, higher wages, immigration laws being enforced, low unemployment, better trade deals with China, Canada and Mexico, revamping of the VA allowing veterans to choose their own doctor, reeling in the EPA and regulations without damaging the environment, a flood of patriotism not seen since 911, the killing of two top terrorists, pulling out of the Paris accords, pulling out of the Iran Nuclear deal, opening a line of communication with North Korea and China, two conservative Supreme Court Justices, moving our embassy to Jerusalem, increasing oil production-#1 producer in the world and finally, eradicating ISIS. There are more but you can do your own research.
            How many of these achievements are addressed in todays social media world? Let’s take a look.  
            News agencies for Trump-FOX, EIB Network. Against, HBO-Bill Maher, TNT Samantha Bee, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC,NPR. Late night shows, Conan, Fallon-not as much and Jimmy Kummel and Corbet.  That is 2 to 12. You tell me who has the power in the media?  And how can any network have twenty-four-hour news that isn’t biased? We as viewers get bombarded, if you watch the drivel continuously, with nothing but propaganda whether it be the left or right. Throw in Twitter and Facebook and it’s a mess! Only 16% of the major agencies address his accomplishments and failures. That’s right, failures. The other 84%  only focus on what he’s done wrong as President or as a private citizen. Imagine if the press would have treated, FDR, JFK, LBJ,WJC with the same venom? Their list of forays and midnight sorties are well documented.
            This brings us back to the current Senate trial. What the House of Representatives is doing is a crime. I’m not talking about the articles of impeachment, it’s the delivery and the demands the House managers are making. They are telling, not asking, telling the Senate chamber how to conduct their hearing! Did the Senate make the same charges to the House during their hearings?
I hate to say it, but this is completely politically motivated. That is not what the impeachment process is about. That in itself is an abuse of power from elected representatives! When this process becomes part of the political power play, no President from this day forward will be immune from the party in power in the House from endless, fruitless investigations other than getting their faces in front of the cameras and pushing their own agendas. THIS IS NOT WHAT OUR FOUNDERS HAD IN MIND!
            When the Republicans went after Obama and his birth certificate, I found it nauseating. The man was voted into office; let the issue drop. Yet countless weeks and months of bogus stories filled the airwaves. Yes, FOX got this wrong and so did Rush. But in our day of twenty-four hour news, we need to be first then let the facts come out. Negative. Make sure the facts are correct before reporting the story. Imagine what the press would look like if they followed that simple rule.
            In conclusion, I get it that people don’t like Trump as a person. That’s a no brainer, but as a President, he has been excellent. I still won’t drink a beer with him.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

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