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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Good morning all. The last two weeks have been rather hectic. Spent it with my daughter and her girls. I will admit, a grand time was had by all. I also needed to read a few more books to reach the goal of 100 before the year ended. What else? Ah, yes. Been working on Target Berlin, Sabotage, the poetry book and started a new project. Haven't named it yet, but if you're not a big Dallas Cowboys fan, you'll appreciate the humor. I'll post an excerpt after I've reread it a few times.

I'm laying out blogs for the coming year. I really lost the steam in the last few months and always found something better to do than sit down and write.

To end the year on the right foot I reduced the prices on all books through the end of the year. You can find all of them here: LDDJ 

In closing, I thought it only right to perform an end of the year freebie all the horror aficionados: Terror at The Sterling is free from Dec 30 through January 2nd.

Wishing everyone a happy and safe start to 2014!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Good morning from the chilly, wet plains of Texas. Good news. All books have been reduced for the Christmas season. Now is the time to cash in and save BIG BUCKS whether it be an e-book or printed version. I cover a vast array of genres: alternative history, time travel, science fiction, vampires, horror, zombies, baseball manuals, humor and of course, memoirs.

So, if you been holding off, waiting for a sale, NOW is the time to jump in and pick up your favorite book. LDDJ Enterprises Publishing.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ravenz Reviews: FEATURING Jeff Dawson

Ravenz Reviews: FEATURING Jeff Dawson

These gals do a great job helping authors spread the word. If you've never heard of this site, stop by and check out all the folks they spotlight. Right now, they are doing a Twelve Days of Christmas. It's kinda of cool because the gals, Kelly and Tammy are letting authors run the show each day. Last year they did all the work, but do to schedules and some health issues, they decided to let the authors run with it. Here's the link: The Twelve Days of Christmas Have a great day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

This post, for a change, has nothing to do with books or reviews. Instead, I wanted to discuss a very interesting debate I’ve engaged in. A female, whose name will remain unknown, is currently dating, seeing, accosting or visiting three male suitors. I know, so what? Well, she has a rating system of 1,2,3. She affectionately refers to them as wannabees. In other words, she might wanna be with them on a permanent basis. Yeah, nothing ground shaking here until you look at the candidates with an eagle eye. #3 isn’t worth reviewing because, well, he’s #3. But numbers two and one are.

Currently, number one has a dog which stays with his ex-wife. In order to keep visitation with the animal he has to be nice and on many occasion isn’t able to spend time with our mistress in distress.

Number two on the other hand has no baggage or ex-wives holding him canine hostage. He sends flowers at least twice a month, takes her dancing and over the Christmas Holiday has paid for four days in the Bahamas. This GUY is number two! Why?

I debated the topic at great length with this fine female specimen attempting to point out that by all logic and accounts, number two is by far superior to the current number one. She only smiled and said, “maybe.” I pose the question to the readers, based on the current facts, who should be Numero Uno?  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Back in October, the gentlemen who presides over the Poetry Society I attend, gave us an interesting challenge. The poem theme was color. At first I wasn't sure what to write or how to go about it until I reread a few passages concerning the battle of Stalingrad. This is what I came up with. Tomorrow, I'll add a few photos and some audio.

Ukraine 1943

The days have become endless.
No matter where I look,
I see nothing but white.

There is no identifiable landscape.
My mind pushes forth images
Of the past, attempting to
Recapture missing hues.

I dream to see, the greens of
Pasture grass, the stunning yellow of sunflowers,
Or even the dark rick brown of a fresh,
Tilled field.

Despite the most valiant attempts
To recreate a rainbow of fluorescence,
my eyes only see endless rows
of waxen terrain.

At times, an ashen face or body part
Protrudes from the frozen tundra,
Revealing a small blotch of dried magenta,
Reminding me how close death stalks.

My soul slumps with the endless snowy show.
No life stirs in the landscape.
The few comrades who survived the onrush
Of metallic giants, have since succumbed
To the frosted, blanched land.

For me, I care not whether I live or die.
I only wish for a glimpse of vibrant colors
Before this bleak, endless bleached land,
 swallows me whole.

Copyright@2013 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing Jeff Dawson

Saturday, November 9, 2013

I spent the last five days with my daughter. Why? Well, she and my oldest son took me to dinner on Sunday for my 54, yes I won't lie, 54 birthday. When we returned from the fine meal she started having bad stomach and back pains. I left six hours later only to return within another four. The pain had reached unendurable levels. Bottom line, her gall bladder was a bit out of whack and needed to be removed. With the surgery successful, she came home to rest. Her girls decided they wanted Chinese for dinner. Okay. Below is the fortune I received. 

 We had Chinese tonight. I know, what' the big deal. Well, it was the fortune cookie. Only I could receive such a moving message, and I quote, "Today's preparation "H" determines tomorrow's crowning achievement.

How’s that for a pertinent fortune. And yes, the following day, everything moved along nicely. 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Something you didn't know. Despite being serious all the time or fired up when it comes to baseball, don't think I can't let loose. Being Halloween, I'm reminded of the first time I took Debbie to see "Rocky Horror Picture Show." Yep, I was dancing in the aisles, using my bic lighter and singing all the songs. If you've never been to the show, you don't know what you've been missing. The greatest audience participation movie ever! If you've never Time Warp, now is time to get off the couch or your chair and join in. Recognize any of the actors? It's just a jump to the left! YES!
A few more baseball posts. I promise to get back on book reviews and other exciting items once the World Series is over. I just need to vent over a few issues that really get me fired up!

This has to be the wildest World Series I can remember. Forget what the wonderful analysts are saying and take in the game. Last night's Obstruction call was the most bizarre play to date for a winning run. Let me guess, it was a walk off obstruction call. I know Ferrell had to argue or attempt a debate. The look on his face and the rest of the Red Sox and Cardinal players had them all stumped. "He gets home why?" "You've got to be kidding me?" "Nope, run scores. Read the rules." And Jim Joyce made the call immediately. No hesitation. No afterthought. You can see him in the top right corner pointing at the play and giving the appropriate sign. Talk about exciting! We've seen multiple errors, a slew of pitchers, great and not so great defense. This is why we love the game. We never know what's going to happen. Can't wait for game four. This is a series where I would love to see the best of nine!

Troy Aikman needs to worry about calling football and not commenting on last night's ballgame. What did he say, "It was a shame the game ended that way?" WTH? Shut up Troy. Worry about football. Was it shame Beltran bruised his ribs running into the wall or perhaps, it was sad Hunter flipped over the right field wall trying to make a spectacular catch. Troy, you have enough trouble calling football, so, for our sakes, leave baseball alone! While you're at it, invite Joe Buck and Tim McCarver over for dinner. With luck we'd get Tony Francona and Vin Scully to call the game. Now that would be a great tandem.

It took me a while to get fired up, but it finally happened. How many time during game four were we inundated with how game three ended and what a TERRIBLE end it was. For who? The Cardinals? The Red Sox or the analysts? Well, it wasn’t one and two. That’s right, number three. The so called experts didn’t like the outcome because they didn’t know the rule until it happened. Well, wah, wah, I’ll be nice, wah! It’s a rule. Deal with it. I almost puked when Joe Buck was beating his chest because Joe Torre announced, MLB will review the rule. Why? It’s a rule, just like interference, dropped third strike, infield flies, balking, fan interference, and a host of others. What if the game winning run would have scored off a passed ball, wild pitch or God forbid, a dropped third strike. Yes, there was one out and first base wasn’t occupied, so the batter could have advanced to first. Remember, with less than two outs and first base occupied, the batter is automatically out. All other runners would advance at their own peril. Imagine an overthrow to first allowing Molina to scamper home, or Jay grounds to Pedroia who wings the ball into the stands or dugout. Result—run scores, Cards win. I guess if Uehara would have balked in the winning run that would be acceptable. Not even when the cows come home. The analysts would have been freaking out because they don’t know the rules surrounding a balk. They need to shut up and call the game. Instead of running their mouths, they should spend more time reading the rules and letting the game call itself. Where’s Vin Scully, Don Drysdale, Howard Cosell, Tony Kubek or Joe Garagiola when we need them? I know where they aren’t, on MLB or in the FOX Broadcast booth. There should be a rule concerning ignorant announcers. Wow. That would thin out the field in a heartbeat. On to game five. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Good morning across the globe. Getting geared up for multiple posts and vlogs in the coming weeks. To kick it off, starting to get a few reviews for Destination D.C.  The question of the day is, does Destination DC need an intro? I've been struggling with this for over a month. Yes, if you haven't read Gateway Pioche, it's gonna be tough to know what's going on. In fact, I saw where a copy was purchased in Germany then returned. No problem, but I'm think it's because they felt lost with the second one.

Okay, here two new reviews. Amazon reviewRise of the Fourth Reich. Both are really good reviews without giving away too much of the story. I need to try and incorporate their thoughts with the introduction.

What else is going on? BASEBALL! I don't post about it very often, but I am a huge baseball fan and this World Series is living up to all the expectations. We have seen everything from multiple errors, bad defense, great defense, base stealing, outstanding pitching, bases loaded, no outs and still a run can't be knocked in.

Last night's game ended with the most bizarre play I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. I used to coach and umpire the game for over twenty-five years. But I've never seen this play determine the final run of a game. Here's the link. Cardinals Win on Obstruction call.

What a wild game! Can't wait for number four tonight. Too bad this isn't a best out of nine series.

Have a great day. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ravenz Reviews: Books to read for Halloween

Ravenz Reviews: Books to read for Halloween: This special blog post showcases several books to get you in the mood for Halloween! RIVER OF BONES by Jodi Cleghorn River of Bones is...

Friday, October 4, 2013

Two works of Horror and Suspense

It's the witching month, yes it is! And what better way to kick it off than with two books sure to keep the lights on past midnight.

Terror at The Sterling is loosely based on actual events which occurred at the hotel. An unsolved murder from the mid seventies and a most peculiar eviction. My friend, Lee (Mel Thornton in the book) and the desk manager were asking two residents to move out based on non-payment. The pair agreed they wouldn't trash out the room. Well, Lee went to check on the room. His key didn't work. He called the desk manager to bring another key. His didn't work, luckily he had a master. When they opened the door, the room was completely trashed. Furniture broken, trash strewn on the floor, windows broken, A/C missing and the TV split in two. They couldn't believe it. They went downstairs and found the two guys. They both described what the room looked like. The evictees stared at them in disbelief. All four made their way back to the room. According to Lee, only ten minutes had passed. When they came back to the room, it was in pristine condition. Armed with theses tidbits of knowledge, I wrote,  Terror at The Sterling  "Click the title to purchase"

The next book is, how shall we say, a bit different. I've studied WWII for over forty years. Three years ago, the lady who was taking care of my mom suggested I write a love story about WWII. Nope, not doing it. Saw, "Enemy at the Gates." Not happening. I then called my deceased finances daughter Jessica, and asked her if vampires were still big. She gave a big thumbs up. Okay, can I combine WWII and vampires into a plausible plot? After months of deliberating, I came up with Occupation. Plain and simple, this book is about evil versus evil. I think Joey Pinkney describe it best, "anti-heroes slowly form and lines become blurred." At times, do you pull for the SS or the Vampires? That's what he was eluding to. In the end, I believe the battle lines are clearly drawn. The work captures the brutality of both sides. Not for the faint of heart.
Click Title to PURCHASE: Occupation

Happy reading to all! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

A modern day time travel, science fiction odyssey.

Apologize for being absent. Been busy writing and promoting. I need to get back to posting book reviews. The list has grown considerable over the past few months. Until then, I want to announce Destination D.C., the sequel to Gateway: Pioche, is now available in printed versions! I will caution readers, you have to read the first one.Why? Well, when this one was written, an introduction would have spoiled all the excitement in the first book. There will be a third one, Target: Berlin. Will there be a fourth one? I have no idea. This never started out as a series. I was convinced after Gateway, there was no way to trump time travel. I was mistaken. I know, no shock there. But when the technology used to power the time machine is converted into a magnetic resonance gravitational weapon, well, things really start heating up.

Gateway: Pioche

Destination D.C.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Destination D.C. Release!

Good morning across the globe! Good news. We beat the clock. Destination D.C. was released last night. Yep, one week earlier than I thought. Printed versions in two weeks. Onto the third one: Target Berlin.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kathryn Magee is offering her wonderful, inspirational work, Angelic Answers: Love Letters for Daily Life, FREE through September 14. If you're looking for a great way to start the day, the week or month, or need a boost when you're feeling down, her words are sure to put a smile on your face and chase the blues away!  Angelic Answers.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Prepare for the continuing adventures of Muki, Abdul, Larry and Judith.

           We are two weeks from the launch of                                  DESTINATION DC! 

If you would like an ARC (Author Review Copy)  PDF, send me a message. Those will be available the 18th. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Loving with all your heart. A true story of romance and healing

I went to church this morning with my daughter and her three girls. I don't go often but when I do, I'm there to learn. Today was tough. I'd never heard this song before and it almost brought tears to my eyes. All I could think of was Debbie. I wish Debbie would have been one of the survivors, but it wasn't to be. I'm thankful for the time we did share and not what could have been. If you've heard this song or seen the video, it's posted below. I want to thank all the men, women and family who support their wives, mothers, aunts and girlfriends when afflicted with this deadly disease. Thank you.

I wrote Love's True Second Chance, not just to chronicle our love, but also, how we all dealt with Debbie's diagnosis of her breast cancer returning. We didn't avoid it or speak softly around her. We accepted the diagnosis and made every minute count. Enjoy the video I'm Gonna Love You Through It. 

                                                            Debbie in 2009

                                                                   Debbie 1979

                            To puchase, click on the title below

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Are you a real fan of vampires?

Had a great time last night at Indie in The Big D. The folks who are hosting these events are some of the most down to Earth folks you could hope to know and for the first time, broke even at a signing. Now that's something to shout about! Here some photos from the event.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Destination D.C.

How about one more excerpt from Destination D.C. before it's release. Yes. This is the excerpt the cover was designed from. Thoughts?


The device shimmered as it came on line, releasing a deafening monotone hum. Many felt the head gear wasn’t providing the required protection. One woman, more worried about her $500.00 hair design, removed the device. Before she could release a sigh and tossell the do, her brain liquefied. Those not directly around her or saw what happened followed suit with the same gruesome results.
The air shimmered with electrical magnetic energy. Hair stood on necks, arms and legs as the power increased. A stream of immense power was released as the machine topped 100% capacity. The unseen force surged through the array installed on top of the Pentagon, reflecting off the antennae on the Washington Monument to the NSA satellite panels. With pinpoint precision it was redirected to the unwary recipients gathered at Black Water Falls State Park The image of the people in the State Park structure shuddered then disappeared.


“Dulles Tower, This is United Flight 459 declaring an emergency! We have lost our right wing!”

It was the only transmission from the crew as the plane rolled over, nose diving into the Potomac. 

Destination D.C. Book 2 in the Gateway Series. Click and get a copy today! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

UPDATE: Destination D.C. is with the editor. Should have it early next week. Dress it up, read it one more time then RELEASE! Shooting for Labor Day Weekend. If not, the following week for sure. And there's more. The third book TARGET: BERLIN, is off and running. Did Werner Von Braun and his colleagues really design the advanced weapons of the Third Reich or were they helped by capturing an alien craft in the mid thirties? Hard to say. Those questions will be answered when they unleash the most devastating weapon mankind has ever seen: THOR! Eighty years of planning are going to succeed or fail. Which will it be????

I'm planning on doing a much better video reading of Debbie's book early next week. Still playing with the music mixing. Stay tuned!

I almost forgot to mention, Gateway:Pioche received a four star rating from a top 50, Vine Voice reviewer in the UK. Now that's something to shout about. YES! Here's the link. UK review from Bob

Have a great weekend. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Good evening and morning which ever the case may be. Earlier today I posted a video wracked with background noise. It was terrible. I have since deleted the offensive material and replaced it with something more palatable or so I think. I liked the first one because you couldn't see me, but then you also couldn't hear me. Hmm, perhaps that was a blessing. Regardless, I figured it out and here is my debut video for reading poetry. All thoughts and comments are appreciated. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

I believe this is the winning cover. You can finally see the wing that was sheared off from the....? Any thoughts? Oh, the words? Yes, they're suppose to be distorted from the ...... that came out of the..... Can't give anything away.

What else? Ah, waiting on the Beta readers comments. Very exciting. The long overdue poetry work is finally coming together. Did a collation and edit this weekend. Still pondering the order and a few of the submissions. Now, if I could come up with a title and cover concept, I'll be able to release it end of the month.

Occupation's sequel, Sabotage. I can now devote my energies and get this off the back burner. I know, a long time coming.

And lastly, I need to post a batch of reviews. Just not sure which genre I want to spotlight. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Destination D.C.

Good morning across the globe. Here's another excerpt and a look at the preliminary book cover. I think the plane and wing need to be a little lighter for more resolution. Might make the font a little smaller for DESTINATION D.C. A few other tweaks and it should be good to go. If you any suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to add them. Okay, here's the cover.
“It’s still tracking them boss.”
“Good. You can turn it off now. We’ll get them when we’re ready. Nobody leaves my town with that much money, not even the professor.”
Nathan remembered fondly the day he met Leonoid Skorzenzy. The man would come to the casino twice a month, only playing black jack. He might have been a brilliant scientist, but his gambling abilities were poor at best. In six months time, he’d run up a debt of over $100,000. Nathan kept comping him on the basis he would get something more than money for the debt.
Leonid showed up on his regular night at the same table. Nathan approached him.
“Professor, we have a matter to discuss.”
“I know. I don’t have your money. I have something better.”
At first he didn’t understand what could be better than cash, but based on their discussions, the professor might have something that would enhance the security surveillance system.
Leonoid opened his hand, dropping six small devices on the table.
“Mr. Francisco, those are the most up-to-date tracking devices in the world. They work off several NSA and NASA satellites. They can detect a gnats ass on a rain barrel, if you’re looking for a gnats ass.”
“Not a gnats professor, more like weasels and rats.”
“Then these devices and the chip I’ll install in your GPS tracker will more than assist your endeavors. You do you have a GPS tracker in your car?”
“Then get one. I will swap out their chip with mine. The trackers I’ve brought are easily installed. They have a magnetic system that adheres to almost any surface, say the wheel well of a car. Throw a little dirt on it and no one will notice it.”
He studied the idea of hiding a tracking monitor on a guest who failed to pay up, or won big one night, with the intention of leaving town the next morning with his money. Yes, the trinkets the professor offered as payment would more than cover the debt.
“Professor, you have a deal. One question, how can I trust you?”
“I am a man of my word. I work at the complex northeast of Pioche. This is my phone number if you need to contact me. The place was shut down by order of Uncle “Stupid” Sam. I stayed behind to keep everything working, waiting for the day General McCulloch and his cronies decided the creation is ready for use.”
Nathan could care less about politics or secret bases. His word revolved around cold, hard, cash.
“Professor, if the devices you’ve provided don’t live up to your projections, I assure you, I’ll be dropping by for a visit.”
Skorzenzy was becoming flustered. He was ready to play cards.
“Nathan, if you don’t want them, I’ll take my business elsewhere!”
“No need to get antsy professor. The chips will buy you another $100,000 in credit.”
He nodded to the dealer, and the cards began to fly, as did the debt.
When Skorzenzy didn’t show up on his normal day, owing the house $150,000, he decided it was time to visit the professor at home. Instead of finding his query, he was pleasantly surprised to find the Camaro which eluded them a week ago.
He and his boys walked around the building, trying to find their prey. He called the professor’s number several times with no response. Going back to his car, he retrieved one of the devices, placing it at the top of the front right wheel well.
 He turned towards Alonzo. “Maybe we’ll kill five birds with one stone, eh Alonzo?”
“Sounds like a plan boss. Sounds like a plan.” Each man shared a calm laugh.
“Let’s get back to town. It’s time we paid a visit to Mr. Wilson. He’s three weeks overdue.” 

Copyright@2013 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Excerpt from Destination D.C. First draft completed, now for the work' reread, rewrites and editing.


“Dammit Judith, I still can’t believe you cussed out the president and what was that comment about holding his dick? Some days I wished your mother and I would have had a boy. I’d understand his language, but I’ll never get used to what comes out of your mouth.”
“No worse than you hitting me.”
“I said I was sorry.”
“You’ll be sorry all right when I tell mom what you did to her baby girl.”
“Judith, you wouldn’t, would you?” She only smiled back, rubbing her face. “Okay, how can I make it up to you?”
“For starters, you can feed me. I haven’t eaten in over twelve hours and I’m starved.”
“That I can do. Where do you want to go?”
“Waffle House. I want a ‘Grand Slam Breakfast’ with all the toppings.”
“Honey, they don’t have Waffle House in D.C.”
“No wonder this town’s so fucked up! Everyone has a Waffle House.”
“If we were back home it wouldn’t be a problem, but I know where I can take you. It’s almost the same thing. It’s called Waffle Shop, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s the only restaurant which misspelled their own name.”
“Nothing in this town surprises me.”

* * *

“Where are they?” asked Washburn.
“Going into the Waffle Shop. Shall we apprehend them now?”
“No. Those condemned to death should enjoy their last meal. Wait until they’ve finished, then kill them.”
“Yes sir.”

* * *

“What is it Senator?”
“The Andersons will no longer be a problem. I have people watching them enjoying their last meal.” A thin smile spread on Gerhardt’s face. He released a small chuckle
“Your sense of irony is not missed. Mr. Anderson is lucky to have a friend such as yourself.”
“Yes professor.”
“Call me when they’re both dead.”

* * *

“Dad, I couldn’t eat another bite.”
“Glad you liked it honey.”
“I’ll be honest, I had my reservations, but it was almost as good as Waffle House, almost.” He let a relieved laugh. They slid out of from the table. He picked up the bill, reaching into his pocket to leave a tip. “Oh shit.”
“I left my wallet in the car. I’ll be right back.”

Judith stood by the plate glass window watching the morning sun’s rays pierce the morning sky, reflecting off the waters of Four Mile Run. A feeling she hadn’t experience in a long time filled her: peace. Dad leaned into his 2015 Lexus, retrieving his wallet. He smiled waving it at her. She detected the sun reflecting off a small cylindrical metal object In less than a second the window she was looking out exploded.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Why Did Everything Happen?

I filmed this about two years ago. It's the opening of "Why Did Everything Happen?" Originally, it was titled "God's Plan: A Glimpse Into Ones Life." For more information on speaking engagements, drop me a message.

I would like to extend my congratulations to Kathryn Magee. Her first inspirational work, "Angelic Answers: Love Letters for Daily Life went live last Thursday.

If life has you down and asking, "is it worth it?" I believe the answers she provides will show us all, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Below is the link:

Angelic Answers

I look forward to reading more from her in the very near future.

Congratulations Kathryn!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Okay, maybe I should have put a date in the contest. No worries. I'm leaving the contest open through July 21, 2013. This is simple, add a comment with the book you would like and your name will be placed in the drawing. This is a worldwide contest. Click on the "no comment" link and the comment section will show up. I've tried to change the title, but it appears to be something I can't change with the blogger set up. These are the available e-books: Occupation, Gateway: Pioche, Why Did Everything Happen?, Gobber and Bill, Love's True Second Chance, A Collection of Romantic Erotic Encounters The Baseball Manual: Little League to High School I & II and Terror at The Sterling. Something for everyone. Good LUCK!

One other note, in two weeks LDDJ Enterprises Publishing be unveiling another excellent, inspirational book,  Angelic Answers: Love Letters for Daily Life. The book is by Kathryn MaGee. It is some of the most uplifting material I've read in a long time. 

Jeff Dawson.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Well, I was cleaning up the blog a bit and found out none of the book links worked. That has been corrected. Instead of having one http:// I managed to have two in each link It could only happen to me. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

I wanted to post this. Obviously. My best friend Mike Poehling died of a massive heart attack in 2001. He left behind a wife and two children: Becky and Tommy. It was very tough for many years as they gripped with the loss of their father. Mike was the brother I never had and will always miss. Attached is what his daughter Becky is doing with her life; she's carrying on Mike's legacy of love and compassion. She's making a career of teaching the deaf how to communicate and become an integral part of the world. Take a minute out of your busy day and join her and her husband on this wonderful journey. Moldova Deaf Children's Camp 2013

Have a great week.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We have, not just me, hit a milestone today. Over 3000 visits to the site! I want to thank any and all who stopped by and paid a visit. Because of this monumental achievement, I believe a giveaway is appropriate. Leave a comment on this post and mention which e-book you would like. I will announce the winner Sunday afternoon, 4:00pm CST US. Please invite your friends to participate and even subscribe to the blog. Many thanks to all.
Jeff Dawson.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Good afternoon, I’m running a promo this month for:

Love's True Second Chance: Regular Price $4.77 slashed to $1.77!!
 Love's True Second Chance

Gateway: Pioche. Normal price $2.95. Now, only $.99. A great price for time travel Gateway: Pioche

Occupation Everyday regular price: $2.99. Reduced to $.99. The combination of Vampires 
versus the Third Reich is a bone chilling price!! Occupation

And to top it off, if you're a fan of Stephan King, this short story of horror will 
satisfy the most suspenseful/gruesome horror aficionados And all for only $.99!!!
Terror at The Sterling

For other listings please check out my author site. 
Jeff Dawson Author Page

Have great week!

Jeff Dawson
LDDJ Enterprises Publishing

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Occupation and Poetry: The Combination

Some of you have guessed by now my novels and works carry a common thread: WWII. I was watching  the book trailer for Occupation today and had a thought. Don't get scared, it too shall pass. I believe the following poem and trailer are sign of ominous activity in the sequel, "Sabotage." What do you think?

Occupation Trailer

Poem: They, Called it Hell

As I child, I remember her cool waters.
 Ivan and I would dance and play
with Rowina and Sasha.
Our days were filled with wonder and beauty.
The dark blue skies gave us
humble residents, hope and joy.
The sun’s rays would warm the cool air,
glistening with untold strength,
to the mighty river, where we frolicked.

It seems so long ago.

Mine and Ivan’s eyes have grown cold and weary.
We longer think of skating on her vast
mountains of ice.
We no longer remember the endless days,
 lying with  Sasha and Rowina.
Instead, we can only see death.
It stalks at every corner.
There is no place to hide.
We warm ourselves with pitiful fires.
We eat what few rations
journey across her breadth.

She is the lifeblood for our salvation.
Every day is a challenge to survive.
Orders are given and followed.
Fewer and fewer of us return,
but she keeps feeding the carnage.

When will it stop?

Surrender isn’t an option.
Our struggle must end in victory.
The once proud city is no longer
a teeming metropolis.
The trams stopped operating months ago.
The citizens left, huddle in the oppressive
piles of rubble.
How they live, I do not know or care.
A tear with no emotion trickles down my
dirt encrusted face.
I watch the bodies and debris ebb and flow
with her currents.
The stench of death brings an unknown comfort.
For in death, there is no pain, no terror, no missions,
Just peace.

To ache for it would be criminal. Too many have perished
at the hands of the aggressors.
They brought this unwanted war. They raped our land, our
women, our crops, our livestock.
They’ve burned our villages, shelled our cities, killed our children,
rounded up our old.

Ivan, Sasha, Rowina and I must fight. We must live to destroy
the invaders.
We will avenge the deaths of our comrades.

We will kill them in their sleep, when they walk,
when they drink, when they snipe.
Yes, we kill them without remorse or thought.
We will shed no tears as they fall
like sticks in the wind.
We will trample them as one would a wounded
animal; no remorse or feeling.

They have hardened our hearts.
They have taught us how to fight.
They have taught us how to kill.
We have learned the lessons well.

The order to move comes.
We check our weapons of death:
scopes, stock, bullets, barrel, bolts.
We are ready. We are ready to hunt
the enemy; riding them from our land.

We all stand, looking at the mighty Volga,
remembering a distant, stolen past.

It is time. It is time to remind them
why They, call it hell!

Copyright@2013 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Technologically incompetent

It's official! I've entered the 21st century and modern technology. I learned how to use the voice message device. The salesman said it would take awhile before it would recognize my voice. It's working. I said, "Call Michelle Pfieffer." The phone started laughing. Thinking I misspoke, I tried again. "Call Britanny Spears." More laughter. Hmm. I turned it off thinking there might be a glitch in the system. You know how they tell us to reboot and that will fix the problem, right? Okay, one more time. "Call Rachel Welch." My request was met with silence. Let's try this one more time. "Call Rachel...." The phone turned off and rebooted on its own. I blankly stared at the screen as it completed the cycle. "Has Rod Serling made an unscheduled visit?" As I tried to complete my date night calls, the phone started laughing again and responded with laughter, "Mr. Dawson, we can only connect calls with a valid request. Oh, we're not sure what you're smoking in Dallas, but we suggest a new supplier." This was followed by two minutes of multiple laughter. I guess it has recognized my voice. Now, how do I get my money back? I hate modern technology.

Where's Bryan Boiarsky and 
Steve Osborn? I know they're behind this conspiracy.

One final monumental note, I'll be somewhat joining the 21st century (I'm cringing as I write this). I'm going to purchase a smart phone today. For those who know me, you can stop laughing now. Jeff Dawson-Smartphone. The oxymoron for the day. All intelligent comments will be swiftly shifted to file 13; including mine. Have a good day.

You all thought I was kidding didn't you? I went back and notice the font size decided to be stubborn. Only I could have this happen. Let's try this version. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Great Action Thrillers

How many times did I say I would get “right on it?” More than I can currently count. Do I have an excuse? Perhaps. Is it valid? I think so. Been working on two poetry book and the sequels to Occupation and Gateway Pioche. I will be posting excerpts this weekend to prove I’m not full of it. Well, I’ll do my best to convince you otherwise. Those who know me, won’t be buying it. They’ll say it’s more eloquent Bullshit! Good to know I’ve made an impact for life. Moving on.

Here is a list of great Thrillers I’ve enjoyed of late.

Alex Lukeman has one of the most unique writing styles I’ve come across in a long time. His style is short and to the point. Best way to describe it is,” Rapid Fire!” I was honored to be a Beta reader on “Tesla’s Secret.” This is one fast paced thriller. A resounding five stars!

J.C. Allen and Shirley Hicks teamed up to crank out a modern day espionage/computer thriller. If you’re a “geek” and love your stories packed with new technology and mind blowing computers mixed in with a government take-over: why are you still reading? Get a copy today and start the adventure.

For some reason, Amazon has disallowed me to post this review. Here's the book link and the pasted review. 

Full review: Are you ready for a not too distant future?

Mr. Allen weaves a very compelling story of a country (United States) on the verge of civil war. An individual who has had enough of the political corruptness in Washington is offering an alternative for the future. He and his hosts have built a massive underground complex (Time Tunnel) in the wilderness of Wyoming undetectable by any type of modern day satellites (I was wondering at times though that all of the construction would have registered on seismographs). 

Personally I enjoyed the high-tech suspense he created with the villain (?) LOD developing software and hardware that has the ability to track any and everyone that is plugged into the net. Encrypted lines and codes can be detected no matter what firewalls or viruses were developed by the US government to infiltrate and find the hide-out.

The character development is well crafted and thought out.  

The only downside I found was how the book ended. I was turning page after page as MOD's arch enemy was closing in on the location of the bunker. This was very exciting and then, it's over.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to connect present day politics with espionage and intrigue. Well done Mr. Allan. 

Here’s another mother/son trandem. David MCoy and Lynn Hallbrooks collaborated to produce a great military “kick you in your teeth,” adventure. What happens when an advance scouting group finds them abandoned on the battle field? All communications and satellite links are down. They are outnumbered four to one, with one option, fight, die and escape. Their arrival back to base is not hailed as a victory, instead they are whisked off to other assignments. But time has a way of simmering revenge. Will justice be served? Get a copy and find out.

Jim Burkett  
Developed of the “Nick West” series. Sadly and unbeknownst to me, this author isn’t getting the respect he deserves. If your are fan of Ian Flemmings’s, “James Bond series,” Mickey Spillane, or even Alistar McClean, then his books are for you. Like all new authors, the first work was a little rough. But as the series progresses, so does his writing style. It becomes, crisp, concise and complete. I enjoyed this series because I could feel the author and the characters developing at breakneck speed. Very fulfilling.

What still reading? Stop that and get your copies today. Their works are much more entertaining than mine.

We’ll talk this weekend.