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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Are you a real fan of vampires?

Had a great time last night at Indie in The Big D. The folks who are hosting these events are some of the most down to Earth folks you could hope to know and for the first time, broke even at a signing. Now that's something to shout about! Here some photos from the event.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Destination D.C.

How about one more excerpt from Destination D.C. before it's release. Yes. This is the excerpt the cover was designed from. Thoughts?


The device shimmered as it came on line, releasing a deafening monotone hum. Many felt the head gear wasn’t providing the required protection. One woman, more worried about her $500.00 hair design, removed the device. Before she could release a sigh and tossell the do, her brain liquefied. Those not directly around her or saw what happened followed suit with the same gruesome results.
The air shimmered with electrical magnetic energy. Hair stood on necks, arms and legs as the power increased. A stream of immense power was released as the machine topped 100% capacity. The unseen force surged through the array installed on top of the Pentagon, reflecting off the antennae on the Washington Monument to the NSA satellite panels. With pinpoint precision it was redirected to the unwary recipients gathered at Black Water Falls State Park The image of the people in the State Park structure shuddered then disappeared.


“Dulles Tower, This is United Flight 459 declaring an emergency! We have lost our right wing!”

It was the only transmission from the crew as the plane rolled over, nose diving into the Potomac. 

Destination D.C. Book 2 in the Gateway Series. Click and get a copy today! 

Friday, August 23, 2013

UPDATE: Destination D.C. is with the editor. Should have it early next week. Dress it up, read it one more time then RELEASE! Shooting for Labor Day Weekend. If not, the following week for sure. And there's more. The third book TARGET: BERLIN, is off and running. Did Werner Von Braun and his colleagues really design the advanced weapons of the Third Reich or were they helped by capturing an alien craft in the mid thirties? Hard to say. Those questions will be answered when they unleash the most devastating weapon mankind has ever seen: THOR! Eighty years of planning are going to succeed or fail. Which will it be????

I'm planning on doing a much better video reading of Debbie's book early next week. Still playing with the music mixing. Stay tuned!

I almost forgot to mention, Gateway:Pioche received a four star rating from a top 50, Vine Voice reviewer in the UK. Now that's something to shout about. YES! Here's the link. UK review from Bob

Have a great weekend. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Good evening and morning which ever the case may be. Earlier today I posted a video wracked with background noise. It was terrible. I have since deleted the offensive material and replaced it with something more palatable or so I think. I liked the first one because you couldn't see me, but then you also couldn't hear me. Hmm, perhaps that was a blessing. Regardless, I figured it out and here is my debut video for reading poetry. All thoughts and comments are appreciated. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

I believe this is the winning cover. You can finally see the wing that was sheared off from the....? Any thoughts? Oh, the words? Yes, they're suppose to be distorted from the ...... that came out of the..... Can't give anything away.

What else? Ah, waiting on the Beta readers comments. Very exciting. The long overdue poetry work is finally coming together. Did a collation and edit this weekend. Still pondering the order and a few of the submissions. Now, if I could come up with a title and cover concept, I'll be able to release it end of the month.

Occupation's sequel, Sabotage. I can now devote my energies and get this off the back burner. I know, a long time coming.

And lastly, I need to post a batch of reviews. Just not sure which genre I want to spotlight. 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Destination D.C.

Good morning across the globe. Here's another excerpt and a look at the preliminary book cover. I think the plane and wing need to be a little lighter for more resolution. Might make the font a little smaller for DESTINATION D.C. A few other tweaks and it should be good to go. If you any suggestions or comments, don't hesitate to add them. Okay, here's the cover.
“It’s still tracking them boss.”
“Good. You can turn it off now. We’ll get them when we’re ready. Nobody leaves my town with that much money, not even the professor.”
Nathan remembered fondly the day he met Leonoid Skorzenzy. The man would come to the casino twice a month, only playing black jack. He might have been a brilliant scientist, but his gambling abilities were poor at best. In six months time, he’d run up a debt of over $100,000. Nathan kept comping him on the basis he would get something more than money for the debt.
Leonid showed up on his regular night at the same table. Nathan approached him.
“Professor, we have a matter to discuss.”
“I know. I don’t have your money. I have something better.”
At first he didn’t understand what could be better than cash, but based on their discussions, the professor might have something that would enhance the security surveillance system.
Leonoid opened his hand, dropping six small devices on the table.
“Mr. Francisco, those are the most up-to-date tracking devices in the world. They work off several NSA and NASA satellites. They can detect a gnats ass on a rain barrel, if you’re looking for a gnats ass.”
“Not a gnats professor, more like weasels and rats.”
“Then these devices and the chip I’ll install in your GPS tracker will more than assist your endeavors. You do you have a GPS tracker in your car?”
“Then get one. I will swap out their chip with mine. The trackers I’ve brought are easily installed. They have a magnetic system that adheres to almost any surface, say the wheel well of a car. Throw a little dirt on it and no one will notice it.”
He studied the idea of hiding a tracking monitor on a guest who failed to pay up, or won big one night, with the intention of leaving town the next morning with his money. Yes, the trinkets the professor offered as payment would more than cover the debt.
“Professor, you have a deal. One question, how can I trust you?”
“I am a man of my word. I work at the complex northeast of Pioche. This is my phone number if you need to contact me. The place was shut down by order of Uncle “Stupid” Sam. I stayed behind to keep everything working, waiting for the day General McCulloch and his cronies decided the creation is ready for use.”
Nathan could care less about politics or secret bases. His word revolved around cold, hard, cash.
“Professor, if the devices you’ve provided don’t live up to your projections, I assure you, I’ll be dropping by for a visit.”
Skorzenzy was becoming flustered. He was ready to play cards.
“Nathan, if you don’t want them, I’ll take my business elsewhere!”
“No need to get antsy professor. The chips will buy you another $100,000 in credit.”
He nodded to the dealer, and the cards began to fly, as did the debt.
When Skorzenzy didn’t show up on his normal day, owing the house $150,000, he decided it was time to visit the professor at home. Instead of finding his query, he was pleasantly surprised to find the Camaro which eluded them a week ago.
He and his boys walked around the building, trying to find their prey. He called the professor’s number several times with no response. Going back to his car, he retrieved one of the devices, placing it at the top of the front right wheel well.
 He turned towards Alonzo. “Maybe we’ll kill five birds with one stone, eh Alonzo?”
“Sounds like a plan boss. Sounds like a plan.” Each man shared a calm laugh.
“Let’s get back to town. It’s time we paid a visit to Mr. Wilson. He’s three weeks overdue.” 

Copyright@2013 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Excerpt from Destination D.C. First draft completed, now for the work' reread, rewrites and editing.


“Dammit Judith, I still can’t believe you cussed out the president and what was that comment about holding his dick? Some days I wished your mother and I would have had a boy. I’d understand his language, but I’ll never get used to what comes out of your mouth.”
“No worse than you hitting me.”
“I said I was sorry.”
“You’ll be sorry all right when I tell mom what you did to her baby girl.”
“Judith, you wouldn’t, would you?” She only smiled back, rubbing her face. “Okay, how can I make it up to you?”
“For starters, you can feed me. I haven’t eaten in over twelve hours and I’m starved.”
“That I can do. Where do you want to go?”
“Waffle House. I want a ‘Grand Slam Breakfast’ with all the toppings.”
“Honey, they don’t have Waffle House in D.C.”
“No wonder this town’s so fucked up! Everyone has a Waffle House.”
“If we were back home it wouldn’t be a problem, but I know where I can take you. It’s almost the same thing. It’s called Waffle Shop, and I think you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s the only restaurant which misspelled their own name.”
“Nothing in this town surprises me.”

* * *

“Where are they?” asked Washburn.
“Going into the Waffle Shop. Shall we apprehend them now?”
“No. Those condemned to death should enjoy their last meal. Wait until they’ve finished, then kill them.”
“Yes sir.”

* * *

“What is it Senator?”
“The Andersons will no longer be a problem. I have people watching them enjoying their last meal.” A thin smile spread on Gerhardt’s face. He released a small chuckle
“Your sense of irony is not missed. Mr. Anderson is lucky to have a friend such as yourself.”
“Yes professor.”
“Call me when they’re both dead.”

* * *

“Dad, I couldn’t eat another bite.”
“Glad you liked it honey.”
“I’ll be honest, I had my reservations, but it was almost as good as Waffle House, almost.” He let a relieved laugh. They slid out of from the table. He picked up the bill, reaching into his pocket to leave a tip. “Oh shit.”
“I left my wallet in the car. I’ll be right back.”

Judith stood by the plate glass window watching the morning sun’s rays pierce the morning sky, reflecting off the waters of Four Mile Run. A feeling she hadn’t experience in a long time filled her: peace. Dad leaned into his 2015 Lexus, retrieving his wallet. He smiled waving it at her. She detected the sun reflecting off a small cylindrical metal object In less than a second the window she was looking out exploded.