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Monday, February 20, 2017

Executive Order we can agree on.

Here's an executive order I don't think anyone would have a problem with:
1) Term limits.
2) Elimination of the private government health plan for Washington Elites. Supply your own.
3) Elimination of retirement benefits for Senators and Congressman. When your terms up, good luck.
4) Congress can no longer pass legislation to increase their pay.
5) The government will no longer pay for fact finding missions. You want to go, pay for it yourself.
6) Congressmen/women will be paid for days on the job at their respective houses. Want to go on the campaign trail? No problem. You won't be paid. Basically, show-up for work or don't get paid.
7) Two weeks paid vacation provided you showed up for work ninety percent of the time.
Leaders lead by example, not by telling everyone else what's good for them.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

How to survive the current election

Finished this book yesterday: Seven Keys to Surving the Trump Presidency. The title would have one believe it's only directed towards those who voted for Hillary. You would be wrong. For the last twenty years and the explosion of social media and its abuse by the media outlets, it's amazing one can keep their sanity. Sadly, it has become a full time job. This short work, which is refreshing, can help both conservatives and liberals find some peace of mind in all this insanity.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Super Bowl, Lady Gaga, US Political Landscape

A friend of mine posted an article form USA and World Report talking about the subliminal messages from Lady Gaga's performance last night. This is my response:
This is what is wrong with America, right here! Yeah, I'm pissed. I am not a fan of hers or her political views; she kept politics out of the performance. We could nit pick and song sung by anyone and come up with the most ridiculous comparisons to support our own beliefs. She did what a performer was paid to do last night, entertain. What if she sang "Raindrops keep falling on my head" Would that be construed as imagery of Hillary supporters? Good LORD! Hell, even Limbaugh today is trying to spew his bombastic rhetoric on how the Superbowl was a win for the right! What BS. Everyone I talked to that voted for Trump wanted to see the Falcons win. Does that make them hypocrites? NO! Just like baseball fans who want to see the Yankees lose, they wanted the Patriot Dynasty to fall. This is how far our country is sinking. I'm waiting for a Flash News Bulletin to come out that those who wipe with their right hand are conservative and left hand liberal. Ludicrous? Not at all. It is the mind set of the mindless media. Folks, get a life and enjoy the show for what it was. Good Grief! .