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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Democratic Debate february 25th 2020

Yes, I watched the Democratic debate tonight and have a few questions and observations.
            Joe Biden, I guess he thinks being forceful with his answers is going to stir more support. Perhaps. But, when the questions about China, North Korea, Iran, and Russia were asked in how he would handle the current situations he would always start out with, “I’m the only one on stage that has dealt with world leaders.” Okay, Well, you were the Vice-President, so it’s good to know you were doing something. And if you did meet with them, why didn’t those countries listen to you? Why were human rights being dismissed in the Far East? Why didn’t Russia pull out of the Crimea and the Ukraine? Why didn’t the civil war end in Syria?
            Bernie Sanders. Let’s be honest, he’s just mad and he’s passionate about being mad. He still holds the rebel rousing cry of the 60’s war movement and hippies, thus, he appeals to young voters. How many of us remember our mental state back in the late sixties and early seventies? If the man is so upset with dictatorial leaders, someone tell me why he honeymooned in the USSR. Not Russia, but the USSR? Praising Castro for improving literacy among the youth of Cuba is absurd. Lenin did the same thing after the Revolution and what those children learned was how wonderful the system of Communism would propel their lives and they would share in the wealth of the state. How did that work out for millions and millions of Russians?
            Warren. It’s hard to say what she wants to do. She keeps repeating herself with zero substance. She comes across as whiny and insecure. Just my opinion. I think she’d have a better chance building foundation in sand. It’s about as stable as her campaign.
            Amy Klobuchar is a bit of a wild card. I did catch her on Bill Maher last week and heard nothing different other than, “We need to beat Trump.” Not much of a campaign strategy. She is like Warren only comes across as more prepared and likeable. Still, I don’t see her gaining any momentum. Enjoy staying in the Senate.
            Pete Buttigieg. He is the anomaly of the group. He’s young and vibrant but needs more seasoning. Arguing with your opponents is not a wise tactic. State your opinion and move on. If, an opponent attacks you directly and not policy, then by all means, take some of their hide with you. Otherwise, suck it up and move on.
            Tom Steyer. Someone tell me why he was up there? He only muddied the waters and added noting but a warm body on the stage. His chances are zero.
            Mike Bloomberg He was better prepared tonight but lacks the charisma to charm voters. His wasn’t as combative tonight which was a plus, but he lacks the unseen talent of charming and swooning the masses. His best chance is taking a page from Ross Perot when he went against Bush Sr and target the 35-60 demographic thus forcing a contested convention.
            Overall, it was entertaining but when it comes to world diplomacy, we have seen through history how well it works. In 1940, Chamberlain declared, “Peace in our Time.” In 1978 Carter said almost the same thing about the Middle East “Peace in the region.” We know how that turned out. To be naïve that diplomacy will start wars on planet Earth is extremely naïve. No, we as a country don’t want it, but that is the US. Many of our Allies, Great Britain, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Japan are not interested in war, but when it comes, we must be prepared and none of those onstage gave me a feeling they would be able to lead this country. No one up there is an FDR or Harry Truman.
            The moderators brought up the coronavirus and how it is going to spread across the United States. We heard the same scare tactics with West Nile virus and Eboli. I couldn’t believe Biden took credit for stopping it and said he would go to China and tell them what to do and how to monitor it. Well, Joe, why didn’t you do something when you were in power? Hmm. I understand it is a deadly virus, but so is the flu. How many have died this year from it? All the candidates complained about the cuts the CDC yet none addressed why that organization and the World Health Organization cannot stop the flu? Why? Blaming Trump is not the answer or the cure.
            As I said at the beginning, it was entertaining, yet if I was an Independent still on the fence, nothing I saw tonight would convince me to vote for any of them. And that is the battle they have if they want any chance of defeating Trump in November.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

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