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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Well, I've been a bit remiss of late in starting the author spotlight. Better late than never. Today I want to introduce B.A. Spicer, Jaci Byrne and Norma Budden. All three ladies are very talented in the genres they are passionate about. I know, I've enjoyed their books immensely. If you haven't hear of them and are looking for excellent female writers, stop by their sites and check out one or two books. You won't be disappointed.

Good morning all. It’s SPOTLIGHT TIME! It’s been a busy week so far. Sleeping and watching the World Baseball Classic, Court Tuesday followed by more sleeping, and now it’s Wednesday. Oh what shall we do? I know. Let’s start introducing some very talented and exciting new authors: B.A. Spicer, Jaci Byrne and, let’s see. Do I have any other female British/Aussie writers I’ve overlooked? Back to the read list. Let’s see. No, she’s a he. Perhaps Daniel Carter L. Carter? Wrong subject. Keep looking. I know, let’s throw Canada into the mix: Norma Budden.

I’ve read two of B.A.Spicer works: “Bunny on a Bike” and “My Grandfather’s Eyes.” I met her on twitter when she was running a promo for the Bunny project. I thought, what the hell, let’s take a chance. If I don’t like it, I can always hit the return button. Not happening. I found this a very entertaining read of two gals looking for a new start at the prestigious Playboy Mansion in downtown London. I actually liked the book. Seriously guys, it’s a good break from all the serious and mind boggling stuff we fill our heads with. I recommend her books to everyone.


Jaci Byrne hails from the land of “OZ.” I was introduced to her by my editor. I was asked to have a look at her new work, “Penny Lane.” I will say, the title didn’t catch my eye, but the premise of each chapter being based on a Beetles song raised my curiosity. I almost gave up on the book after three chapters. I not into the gay/lesbian scene and was a bit uncomfortable. But I decided to give it another chapter or two before hitting the delete button. Glad I kept my fingers to myself. There is a great story to be told. As I neared the end, I could feel the pain of the characters as a few of the events hit too close to home. I recommend her works for all walks of life.

Norma Budden is the wild card. We crossed paths on FB. She lives in the country the US considers a stepchild. Yep, she’s up there in the land of “Ice and Snow.” Please keep it up North. Us Southerners are still trying to thaw out. Okay, Norma has a voice that all should hear. She has traveled more rocky roads than anyone should ever have to and she presents it very fluidly. “Hershey Falls” was the first of her works I came across. It is an excellent story for both men and women. Her current work I read is “Coming Unglued.” When you finish with this book, you will have a difficult time keeping it together. Norma pulls no punches and lays out a very abusive and compelling story.


Instead of posting all of the reviews I provided for the books, you can check them out on Goodreads, Barnes and Noble or Amazon The choice is yours. Oh, if you like what I wrote, please don’t hesitate to punch the like button. If not, well, umm,….moving on.

Next week we’ll delve into the sci/fi arena.
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Good morning to those with sunny skies and those watching the sun pile up. I believe there are more of the later then the present. Are you folks in the NE ready for a break? I'm reminded of my days as a youth in Wilmington De during the winter of, let's say 65,66, or perhaps 67. It was Christmas eve and Dad informed us to baton down the hatches and prepare for a monster storm. Seriously? It was a balmy 55 degree that December 24th, and then it started. Slowly but surely, the flakes started falling and falling and falling. Man! What a storm. We were snowed in for three straight days. I thought it was great because Santa brought the coolest present ever: a battery operated (with authentic noises) front end loader. I promptly took outside and attempted to shovel our massive two car driveway that had to be a country mile long. Dad came out and informed my, "I should be shoveling the front step so he could get his paper." "But dad, you can't even open the front door." He went back inside and said not another word, or at least words I could hear.

Okay, so what's the point of all this reminiscing? Well, if your caught inside and need a good read or two towile away the hours, I'm running a promo this week on Smashwords. FREE. Do we authors use the word too frequently? Perhaps, but, why not. Everyone likes free don't they? Well, maybe not the little girl on the Capitol Bank Commercials. Irrelevant. She will learn soon enough. Back on point. FREE ALL WEEK ON SMASHWORDS:

And for those looking for true love story:

With a little luck, one or both of these reads will keep you engrossed and not staring out the window wondering what the ground hog was thinking. Imagine what his forecasts would be like if he had an agent? Perish the thought.

Stay warm, stay dry and prepare for summer. It's just around the corner.
Have a great week.