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Thursday, September 10, 2020

911 A Day of Rembrance

 How many will not be able to not discuss politics tomorrow? Posts tomorrow should only be about the worse terrorist attack our country has ever endured. Pearl Harbor was dreadful, but the die was cast and war was eminent. Who remembers the tens of thousands of American Flags flying proudly from houses, cars and the remains of the towers? Who remembers members of the House and Senate holding hands and singing "God Bless America?" We didn't think they could come together on anything and yet they did. Who remembers the National Pride that filled almost every American that fateful day and the months to come? Who remembers? I do, I will abide by what I say. Tomorrow is not a time for political bickering among friends or those in Washington or any other State Capital or city. Tomorrow is a day for reflection and remembrance. God Bless America!

Why I'm Voting for Trump

 A few weeks ago, I was involved in a political debate of Trump versus Biden. The question posed, was, why am I voting for Trump and not Biden. Well, it took about two to three hours to develop the list. This what I came up with.I will add, I wouldn't drink a cup of coffee with Trump. Personally, don't like the man, but I like him as the President.

Trump versus Biden. Why I’m voting for Trump.

Joe Biden’s policies as a Senator and Vice-President


Foreign Policy

1 Iran Nuclear deal

2 New Green Deal

3 Nafta under Clinton

4 Payment of 900 billion in cash to Iran-reparations from 1980

5 Aid to Ukraine fire prosecutor looking into Burisma or forfeit 1 billion in aid

6  Pulled out troops in Iraq allowing the formation of ISIS.

7. Soft of China policies. The EU and Australia are realizing the terrible mistakes they made underestimating China.

8. Supported Iran Nuclear treaty

9. Did not hold Russia accountable for invasion of Ukraine


1)    Clinton/Obama cutting funding/stripping down the military



1)    Crime bill 1994 result- private prison system exploded along with incarceration of minorities

2)    Obamacare-would ensure all Americans would have health insurance. At the time, estimate at 30million Americans. Today 44million don’t have insurance. 38million have inadequate insurance

3)    Gave sweetheart government contracts to family members

4)    Handling of H1N1- 60 million affected 14k deaths 7 months before a pandemic was declared. Medical stockpiled depleted and not replenished

5)    Three months of silence over civil unrest

6)    Horrible interrogation of Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court Justice

7)    Informed a construction worker, “he doesn’t work for him.” And “you’re full of shit.” Discussion on firearms

8)    Against gays in military and against same sex marriages. Clinton came up with “Don’t ask Don’t tell.”

9)    Against segregation and busing. “Didn’t want his kids growing up in a racial jungle.

10)                    Voted to acquit Bill Clinton

11)                    Supported Trump Impeachment

12)                    Accused Trump of being xenophobic on travel ban to China

13)                    Presided over a card carrying member of the KKK’s funeral, Senator Byrd.



Medical Condition

1)    Multiple aneurysms. -decreased mental capabilities. 



1)Assisted in capturing Osama Bin Laden

2) Attempted to clean up VA hospitals

3) Nice guy-stepped up when his wife was killed in an auto accident





Personality-nothing short of bombastic, ego-centric, Needs to think before speaking many, many times

Twitter account- I do not follow it! Serves no purpose.

Married three times

Failed business ventures Casino, Airline, University

Handling of COVID 19 He had no business giving daily briefings on a topic he wasn’t familiar with. The CDC and task force should have handled these.



Foreign Policy

1. Hard lined China on trade deals

2. Renegotiated NAFTA

3. Created a temporary peace with N. Korea

4. Pulled out of the Iran Nuclear agreement

5. Scrapped the Paris Agreement. E&T has an interesting article debating the pros and cons. 2017

6. Provided Ukraine with weapons to fight against the Russians

7. Placed severe sanctions on Russia

8. Informed NATO partners it’s time to start paying their fair share

9. Placed tariffs on foreign competitors-Too early to see how this will shake out.

10. Moved US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

11. Brokered a peace deal with Israel/United Emirates




1.    Tax cuts-that can be debated till the cows come home

2.    Reduced unnecessary regulations. If you’ve ever had to deal with EPA, OSHA, MESHA you’d understand. This I can speak on from experience. Many of the regs are ridiculous and do nothing to provide a safe working environment or work place.

3.    Rebuilt the military

4.    Cleaned house in the VA. Veterans can now use their own doctor instead of waiting months to be seen. This is a huge plus. I have many military vets who are very excited over this much needed change.

5.    Increased military personnel pay

6.    Enforcing current immigration laws

7.    Constructed 300 miles of the border wall.

8.    Sweeping prison reform.

9.    High consumer confidence

10. Lowest unemployment rate in decades for all workers and sexes

11. Eliminated the two top terrorists in the world


Yes, I’m voting for Trump.

I researched all of the above. FOX, BLAZE, CNN, MSNBC, PBR, ABC, CBS,NBC or any other news outlet are not my sources