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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Men! Beware of Turkish, Russian catfish.

You've seen it on TV, the internet, or maybe you've actually received an email or two from the hottest women in the world professing their undying love for you and you might actually believe it. I hate to disappoint you guys,, it's only a mirage.
However, if you still believe it's true and those gals really want to join you in marital bliss in the states, perhaps you can use some of my thoughts and comments when transcribing your next undying letter of passion for your bride-to-be. 
Join me and my phantom love, Julia, as I delve into the most inspiring conversation I've ever been engaged in or chronicled, under the influence. That might not be fair. I shouldn't speak for Julia or Gregori.

Happy reading!

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Modern day time travel, science fiction thriller!

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Friday, June 13, 2014

I know it was wrong of me to keep my true love waiting, but some times life has a way of getting in the way. Actually, since many of my FB friends wanted it a little spicier, it took some time to write a response FB wouldn't ban. ON with the saga! Installment # 6? of the Jeff and Julia soap opera.

June 7

My Dearest Juilia, Many apologies for neglecting your latest warm greetings and heartfelt thoughts. Our letters are finding it very difficult for me to concentrate and pursue my writing career. Instead of diligently tending to the tasks at hand, I find myself enamored and overwhelmed with the beautiful pictures you have filled my mind with. Images of you frolicking in the Mediterranean’s warm, sunny waters have me wanting you more and more each day. The pain is almost unbearable. I know I should eat in order to keep my strength up, but how can a man think of food, when his heart is filled with such wonder and joy?

I can no longer resist the temptation. I must tell you what’s on my mind.

I spend the nights dreaming of losing myself in your sparkling orbs of blue as I gently apply coconut oil on your abdomen, while we bask in the warm rays of the Mediterranean Sun. I ache with passion as I unhook your top, exposing your taut, hard, silicon honeys. I fondle them till I’m assured you are fully aroused. We exchange light kisses, igniting our pent-up passions. You coo and tremble as my lips and hands slide over you tantalizing soft skin. Your taste is pure, sweet, honey.

I whisper thoughts of carnal excitement in your soft warm ear. You turn your head and respond with a quick bite on my lower lip and a squeeze of my groin. I grow with excitement at your touch. My mind numbs with the thoughts of the pleasures we’re going to share. Your eyes widen at the wonder growing in your hand. I reply by sliding my left hand down your abdomen and under your bikini bottom. My hand is greeted with a warm, wet, wonder.  You tremble and moan with my touch as I slide my fingers around your most intimate area. You gasp and whisper as my fingers slowly move inside of you, “Yes, my love. Yes.” 

You squeeze me harder unleashing my member to maximum size. My finger bring you climax. You beg for more but not from my fingers. You beg for me to penetrate you, filling you with what you have brought to life. We rip off our lower pieces of clothing. I spread your legs, moving on top of you. You brush away my hand as I guide it towards your pleasure hole. You want to guide it in. I stare into your pools of bright blue as I feel myself going deeper and deeper in your hot, wet, walls. They grip me hard, pulling me farther and farther into your depths of pleasure. You can take no more. Your legs wrap around my taught torso. Your chest is heaving, controllably, up and down. You open your eyes. “Love me like you’ve loved no other, JEFF!”

The next twenty minutes are the most exhilarating sexual encounter either of us has ever experienced! 

I roll off your hot sweaty body. We both gasp in the salty air of the Mediterranean reliving our lust. Ten minutes pass. You roll on our left side, rubbing your soft right palm on my chest. I shade my eyes, staring into your eyes. They are filled with joy. “Jeff, I do whatever you want.” I ponder her words with great deliberation.
“Would you really, Juilia? Anything?”
“Yes, my love.”
“Excellent. Get me a Miller Genuine Draft and the remote. The games about to start.”

I only have eyes for you,


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ah, yes. Our saga is heating up. Was I wrong in not responding for two days? I feel so ashamed.

May 29

Hello Dear Jeff
Thank you that you do not forget about me and writing me letters. I
want to get to know you. Journey to the states a very big step for me.
I should feel safe if we want to meet with you in reality. Because
there are a lot of bad people on the Internet who try to impersonate
another person (good). I hope you understand what I'm saying to you?
What are my plans after coming to the states?
My sister works for a large veterinary clinic. They have branches in
every state and in almost every town. My sister will take care of my
work in one of these clinics. But that I could get a full post, I will
need to take the exam for the protection of my degree from Turkey.
I should study in Medical University for permission reception. Take
from 6 months to 1.8 years of my studies.
I will be very glad to meet you in person. It is too early to talk
about our love bonds, first we have to see in reality. Letter helps us
a lot, we learn about one another more. In fact, I agreed to be your
girlfriend. You are a very interesting man. Our difference in age does
not embarrass me. How do you feel about that?
What are my plans after coming to you?
You will help me to adapt to your life. I have learned more about your traditions and 
the holidays. now I just see it in the movies, I hope that they do not
differ greatly from reality. Halloween, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving
Day. If I get you in trouble with your housing, I can take care of it
and rent a small apartment in your city. My sister, too, can take care
of it.
I talked to my sister about it and she gave consent. For my trip to
the states, I prepared seriously and plan ahead. I do not want to get
into problems following my journey.
I will finish my letter and I hope that you will give me more tips in
my next letter. I hope that soon receive your new letter. I send you
my new photo and I hope that they will like you.
Sweet kiss Julia.
 Maybe I should be pursuing her sister? Hmm.

May 31 Response

Hello Dear, I have not received yours reply. I miss on them, I very much like to communicate with you.
I to worry for you a little, please write to me Reply message. Kiss Julia.
She dresses pretty good for a gal who isn't employed. How can this be????? 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Women, what more could you want? A tale of betrayal, sex and murder.

LDDJ Enterprises Publishing is proud to welcome J.J. Reinhardt to the company. If you enjoy a dark, no black love triangle, packed with intrigue, sex and murder, this book is for you. Not recommended for readers under 21!

Joe Robertson’s life never panned out. In college, he was a top draft pick until his knee blew-out in the NCAA Championship game on what he claimed, was a cheap shot by Drew Waters. Choosing a second career in construction, he clawed up the ranks, becoming the top Civil Project Manager in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. But that didn’t last. A scandal broke out; he was accused of offering bribes to state inspectors. The allegations were never proven; the damage was done. The only job he could obtain was a foreman’s position. But that wouldn’t last.

The only saving grace was his wife Julie, until she was involved in a horrific traffic accident that would launch them into a macabre dance of, betrayal, sex, murder and redemption.

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