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Monday, July 23, 2018

Books Galore!

If you live in or close to Ft. Meyers, Florida, you can get a hard copy of the following works at P.J. Boox:

Love's True Second Chance


Gateway: Pioche and

Destination D.C.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Epci Fail #ESPN But then we're used to it.

Good job, ESPN, you managed to jack up the opening ceremony for the homerun derby. Can't see shit because of your stupid smoke show. Well done! You have proved you can screw-up a wet-dream!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Time for Maxine Waters to go!

I will not clutter up this blog with political posts, but occasionally people have to make a statement. That time happened when the dishonorable Maxine Waters called for open warfare and demonstrations on Trump's cabinet members. This behavior unacceptable from either side of the aisle. It is time for us on the right to make and stand and let them know, both sides, enough is enough!

June 25th, 2018

To the dishonorable Maxine Waters,

            We, the American people who have read the Constitution and Bill of Rights have had enough! We believe in upholding the laws of the land whether they were passed by Democrats, Republicans or Independents. We might not like them all, but we will abide by them until they are revised. EX: Affordable Health Care Act.
            Unfortunately, your actions and speeches are not a reflection of what our Founder Father’s laid out. You should read the Federalist Papers to understand what they had in mind. It sure the hell is not what you continue to rant about. And this current conflagration of you calling for war against Republicans or any other group that does not agree with your un-fiscal, socialist ideas is repugnant.
            You claim to be a voice for those who have none. Yet, you are doing your damndest, along with your colleagues, Schumer and Pelosi to silence those who disagree. Imagine if that would have happened over two hundred and forty-two years ago. Need a hint what happened back then? Look it up.
            Your vileness is why we voted Trump into office. He is not an eloquent or polished speaker. He shoots from the hip and says what is on his mind. Some times it’s over the top, but he is doing something you and your so called, illustrious colleagues cannot fathom; listening to the American public and acting.
            He doesn’t spend hours chasing media coverage like you and your honorable colleagues do. For we all know, they are some of your biggest donors and spreading lies and Fake News has become the norm. You and your cronies would have been stars for Pulitzer and Hearst. I would give you a much needed lecture, but that would be pointless because you would have to do your own research.
            We Americans are sick and tired of your pointless, unsubstantiated claims against our 45th President, Donald Trump. He is a man of action and is taking it. That is what we voted for. We are sick of your outrageous spending and wasting our money while you keep putting your face in the camera, spouting off old, tiresome rhetoric.
            It is time you went to work to make this country better and not the cesspool we endured for the last eight years.  We are not taking it anymore!
            We now have a leader with a backbone who isn’t afraid to act. Like all Presidents, he will make mistakes but so far in a year and-a-half he has done more to Make America Great Again then his three predecessors: strong military, job creation, fairer trade deals, a leader in the UN, excellent foreign policies that benefit the world. And he’s only begun!
            There is a wave sweeping across our great country and if you and your colleagues can’t see it, then you will wind up as chaff in the fields and be trampled!
            So, you can continue on your current path of destruction or decide it is time to start working with Trump. If not, me and my fellow Americans will be the ones walking across the fields making sure you and those who think like you never germinate again!


A Conservative American
Jeff Dawson
1055 Regal Row #314
Dallas, TX. 75247