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Friday, November 15, 2019

A no nonsense management book

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Veterans Day 2019

Honoring the women who have served the United States Military 

Women of War 

I made the trip
more times than I can count.

I wanted to travel,
see the world.
Never realizing the trauma.

Seven thousand miles back and forth.

We were the buffer for
The nightmares they hid.

Pain welled up in my soul as they
recounted their tales of fallen

Cries of battle filled the metal
For some it was an escape from hell,
for many, a casket in disguise.

My colleagues would whisper
Trying to understand, why they did it.
It seemed senseless; the waste of
America’s youth.

I wanted to console them,
Tell them it would be okay,
But their young, worn, haggard faces,
hollow eyes told a story we’d never understand,
until the final flight.

We were pulling out. The boys gave everything,
yet it seemed in vain.

The jungles and country were littered with their
friends—comrades; broken dreams and bodies.
They’d given all for God and Country.
But for what? Freedom? Democracy? Victory?

We sat on the tarmac waiting. Waiting for what?

I looked out the small window—shocked!
Medics, nurses, doctors scrambled around a bus.
One by one, reappearing.
Each carrying a small package.
What were they cradling,
with such compassion?
What could be so important?

They dropped their precious cargo in seats,
or removed a row, replacing them with small open containers.

Tears filled my eyes, realizing why
they fought and died—children.