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Saturday, July 29, 2017


Once again, Dave Raymond and C. J. Nitkowski show how little they know about the rules of baseball and C.J. used to be an MLB player? Napoli juggles a dribbler down the line and tag Tejada with his arm. These bozos keep saying he's out, he's out. He is not! You must tag the runner with the ball or the ball in the glove. Based on their brilliant expert analysis, a fielder with the ball in glove could touch a runner with his leg and he'd be called out. Catchers would no longer have to tag a runner coming to the plate with the ball or ball in glove. And these buffoons are being paid how much? Answer-TOO MUCH!.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

#Movie Review #Dunkirk

Very disappointed. It was historically in accurate. Nolan would have you think this happened in two days. Far from the truth. And the soundtrack never stopped. Instead of letting the actors create the drama, he tried to do it with the musical score. Overdone. The air battles started out well enough and then they continued with the same scenario. Why wasn't the bay filled with all the sunken the Germans bombed. Where was the British and French equipment that littered the beaches during the evacuation? There is a scattering of night scenes followed directly by a day scene. And what of the scene where the mole is being pounded by high seas and the camera goes back and the seas are calm? I could not over look the lone JU-87 preparing to bomb the pier and is somehow shot down by a Spitfire that has run out of fuel and is gliding at 500!? Did not care at all for the editing. Felt like watching a tennis match. The constant switch from land, to air, to sea did nothing but interrupt the flow. 

It's a shame Nolan didn't take the time to read up on the history or at least watch a few films on how to make a good historical World War Two movie: Tora,Tora,Tora, A Bridge Too Far, Das Boot, The Battle of Britain, Patton and Saving Private Ryan.

Two star push

The only plus, I saw the movie with my son.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 Allstar Game

Last night was a great night for the home run derby. Great battle between Judge and Stanton. I can't remember watching a batter hit so many home runs and make it look so easy. Judge is the next Mickey Mantle. The only blemish was the the incessant ramblings of Mendoza, Boone and the other guy. As usual, instead of calling the game and letting the players build the drama, none of them could shut-up. All they did was talk over each other. Absolutely pointless! And tonight we are intruded upon with Verducci and A-Rod (that's right, the same guy who made the All-Star Game then left after the third inning because of a prior commitment) walking around the field interviewing players who are attempting to warm-up and get their mind on the game. You want to know what's slowing down the game, it's the media. When are they going to realize, we watch for the game and not for long winded commentary that adds nothing to the game? It came come to soon for me. GO A.L!