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Monday, June 25, 2012

I have a lot of reviews to post and will try and do one every third day or so.
Okay, I keep forgetting I have this tool in the arsenal. It's time I started using it. I'll work on changing the background when I figure it out. Just finished a great book for YA by Christine Hughes. Below is the review and link.

Back off Buffy!

I raised an eyebrow or two before I decided to take a stab at this one. Seriously, my genre is non-fiction history. In the past months I've taken a moment and stepped away from the comfort zone to see what else is out there. Some of the books have been really good while others shouldn't have been written. This one falls into the first category.

We have all seen the same old story line concerning good and evil. It's been done a thousand times with the same results, but never have we seen it from the eyes of a seventeen year old who is about to find out what everyone else already knew; she (unwillingly) holds the key between darkness and light. She alone can decided the fate of mankind or will she straddle both worlds and play both sides? That's pretty cool. This reminds me of "Time Weaver" by Thomas A. Knight.

The key players are Lucas, Ethan and Samantha. Lucas and Ethan have been charged with training her for a coming battle. She hasn't a clue what is going on. Hm, how many seventeen years old (male/female) have we known with that quality? Can't count that high.

The most intriguing part of the book, it is told in the first person. No one is describing the events or adding unwanted commentary. The words are coming from Samantha and her feelings. This is right up there with "Scars" by Patience Prence.

As I read farther, the plot and action picked-up. I can see where every teenage girl who thrilled with the adventures of Buffy and today's True Blood and Vampire Diaries will fall in love with this story. What teenager doesn't want to be a true heroine while also exploring the sensations and feelings of love? They can also relate to the inner demons facing Samantha as she is forced to decided which side to take and which lover will do? Ah, but there is a problem. Are the potential mates there to train and watch over her, or is there a more sinister plot brewing?

Will Samantha's rage for her father's death guide her to the dark side or will she learn how to control her hate and channel it in the right direction? Think of the movie "Red Dawn" when the guerilla's learn that their parents were executed. How did that turn out? Yep, Samantha is full of pent-up energy that when used out of rage and anger has everyone ducking and taking cover, and I MEAN EVERYONE!

I recommend this book to all girls and women who are thirsting for a strong female character who never completely conquers her inner demons.