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Friday, June 28, 2013

Good morning across the globe. Been busy with a nasty lawsuit. Look forward to the day this is over. Patience, patience, (I'm running out of) patience. Okay, enough of that. Let's move on.

Currently running a promo through July 20th on many of the books. Savings are up to 66%. I'd call that substantial on any continent! Jeff Dawson's Amazon Author Page

And if that's not enough, for those of you who enjoy delving into the worlds of the macabre, "Terror at The Sterling" will be FREE this weekend. How's that for a great deal?

Terror at The Sterling

Writing updates: Yes, a sequel to Gateway: Pioche is in the works. "Destination D.C." It took a while to decide how to trump time travel, the characters finally provided their thoughts. This is going to be another wild ride!

Part II in "Occupation," is finally revealing itself. "Sabotage" will take the Boirarsky and Romanov clans into the depths of "Mother Russia" in an attempt to stave off the violent thrust of the German Army to the gates of Moscow. I see a fracturing in the Romanov clan when Nikoli realizes why Svetlana is gaining weight. And with Dmitri infatuated with Nicole, a new splinter group could be in the making.

The military/love poetry book is almost finished. A few more additions and it will be released next month.

Here's one of the submissions. It's called Spoon River poem. Basically, it's written by those who have already died.


I hate this place! I hate this war!
I hate the fuehrer! I hate it all!

We started with many and are down
to a few. And for what? The glory of
the Fatherland or a leader gone made?

So generals can pin more useless pieces
of tin on gaudy tunics? So they can
speak loudly at their clubs, drinking warm beer
while we die each day for a lost cause? The
idea sickens me, but I’m a soldier and I
must fight. But for how much longer?

“Johann. Take Krueger to the clearing. The
Reds are going to hit again. Be quick.”
“Jawohl Herr Captain.”

We wait in our shallow grave for another
endless onslaught. It matters not how many
we kill, like a thawing river, they keep coming
each day. Fifty, a hundred, two hundred. How
many today?

The distinct sound of tank tracks crushing over
brush and ice is all too familiar. They come closer,
not masking their approach. I fear we will not be
victorious today.

Yes, I see them now. A dozen T-34’s, on the right,
passing by the smoldering hulks of their brethren.
We wait till they’re closer What can we do
With a hand full of mines and two panzerfausts?  To run,
would be instant death. We wait as the steel monsters
claw by; their tracks ripping away at the ground
as the soil and unburied bodies become one.

We fire a shot taking out the leader, but still they come.
We wait for the others to pass, to attach our mines.
For what purpose, I longer care. We watch and wait.
I prepare to sprint towards the closest tank. My  body
tenses. Sweat beads under my arms. My heart is
starting to race. The adrenaline fills me with warmth. I’m ready.

“No screams Krueger.” I look in horror. It came from the left.
The sound masked by his comrades. “Valhalla!” I scream
as the track grinds me into the landscape.

Copyright@2013 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing

I am also teaming up with Kathryn Magee to publish her first work. She's held onto the manuscript for over twenty years. She's ready to put out for public consumption. This is some of the most uplifting material I've ever read.

That covers all the updates. I know I'm behind on the reviews and suggestions. I promise, with all the books I've read of late, I will be catching up soon.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Good morning, I"m running multiple promos this month for "Love's True 
Second Chance," Gateway: Pioche," and  "Occupation."

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And to top it off, if you're a fan of Stephan King, this short story of horror will 
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For other listtings please check out the full listings in the author site.

Have great week!

Jeff Dawson
LDDJ Enterprises Publishing

ps If you read any of the books and enjoyed them, please post a review on Amazon or 
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nope, haven't done the thriller piece yet. Spent today with my kids and yesterday was hammering on the sequel to Occupation. It's starting to gain steam again. But while I was working on that, I started writing some Spoon River poems. Basically, they are written by a person who has died. This was my submittal. I've cranked out four more for the Military Poetry Book I will release in July/August.

Lou Gehrig

It wasn’t long ago,
I was a normal Italian
Kid in the burrow. Stick ball
Was the game of the day.
How times have changed.

The sound of the crowd,
The crack of the bat,
The cheers from the mates.
They call me the Iron Man.

My fingers tingle with the
Touch of metal. My voice is
Unsteady and hoarse, yet I
must come to bat one final time.
One more pitch, one more swing.
I consider myself the luckiest man
In the world.

The cheers and cries become muffled as
the dirt covers my eternal tomb.
A smile creeps across my cold lips
and deaf ears.
“Strike three Lou. Come play on my team.”

Jeff Dawson Copyright@2013 LDDJ Enterprises Publishing

Saturday, June 15, 2013

A short snippet from "Terror at The Sterling."

We met the pair in front of the alcove; barring the door.

 “Look guys, we’re trying to be nice here. Pack up your items and please leave. Rents ten days past due, and we have to let you two go.” The pleading look in their eyes ran shivers up my spine. The smell coming out of the room was horrid. It reminded me of a hundred pounds of two week old road kill on State Highway 183. You know the smell. It permeates the interior of your car and clothes. No matter how high you turn on the AC with all the windows down, you can’t shake it. And if you’ve ever breath it in with an open mouth; I need to think about Tammy again. That’s better. 

I looked at RJ. “RJ, do you think they’re high?”

“I don’t know, man. I just know we need to get them out of here. Look guys, we need to examine the room and make sure there isn’t any damage.”

They didn’t budge. It was as if their feet were set in stone; glued to the floor. And these weren’t the usual wimps that hung out at the hotel. These guys were each 6’ 4”, about 250lbs. Side by side, they were a formidable force. Maybe the Cowboys could use their help. Lord knows they need it.

RJ, again politely asked to see the room. They didn’t move.

“Mel, go call the cops. I’m gonna have a look inside.”

“Okay RJ. Be careful.”

He was no slouch himself at 5′11″ and a lean, mean 195lbs. He was training to play for the Carolina Panthers. His baby brother was already on the team and he wasn’t going to be outdone.

“Hey Mel. I got this. Just get the cops here incase my bro’s give me trouble.”


I was no more than fifteen feet down the hallway dialing 911, when I heard a blood-curdling scream.

“911. What’s your emergency?”

“This is Mel with the Sterling Hotel. I’m not sure. Give me just a second.”

“911. Sir, you need to claim your emergency.”

I couldn’t speak as I rushed back to the room. The two blue chip prospects were standing side by side in the hallway shaking like a long tailed Tom Cat in a room of rockers.

“Where’s RJ?” Neither one spoke. Their faces resembled characters from, “Night of the Living Dead:” pale and lifeless.  They only pointed to the open door.

“RJ? RJ?” I was feeling panic well up in my stomach as I passed by the pair, entering the open door. The smell was overwhelming. I wrenched up the coffee and jelly doughnut. RJ was heaving in the sink; white as a ghost. First time I could say, and hopefully the last time, I saw a black man turn white.

Blood splatters covered the walls. The threadbare carpet was covered in crimson liquid. The queen sized bed was shattered in a hundred pieces. The statuesque mirror adorning the wall, lay mangled on the floor, smashed to pieces.

“My GOD!”

“911. Please sir. What’s your emergency?”

Thoughts or comments? 

On  lighter note, still compiling the Thriller list. Should be up tomorrow. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sixty-nine years tomorrow, the largest amphibious/air invasion took place on the coast of France. Dwight Eisenhower stared out his window thinking of the troops that were about to embark on the greatest military/engineering feat ever attempted by man. He watched the rain slamming against his window, hoping the forecasters were correct in their calculations, that the current storm would subside on the 6th. He thought of the paratroopers and pilots who would brave the elements as their payloads clawed into the think bank of clouds surrounding the airfields. He contemplated the statistics of mid-air collisions, pathfinders not finding their targets and men dropped into a hostile territory in total darkness. But if he didn't give the order, the next available date for a landing would be at least a week off. In the end, Eisenhower, made the call. "We go." The landings were successful. The Germans were caught completely off guard.

Omaha is the most discussed beach based on the extreme casualties which occurred. If if could go wrong, it did. The rocket barrage fell short creating unseen craters below sea level. The majority of the D-D tanks were swamped and sank. The naval/air bombardment failed to knock out the bunkers. It was a tragic culmination of events. Despite all of these failings, the American troops were able to open a small crack in the defenses and pour through, ensuring a successful invasion for all beaches. But was it these landings that decided the downfall of Nazi Germany, or was there a battle almost a year earlier that allowed "Operation Overlord" to succeed?

For those of us who have studied this War, in my opinion, the seven days in July of 1943 sealed the fate of Germany: Kursk. During this time frame, Hitler, Guderian, and Manstein threw in the last of their replenished armored forces into seven well developed lines of defense. The cream of the crop of Germanys vaunted Panzer Armies met their maker during this battle. Even though they only lost 450 tanks, unlike their counterparts, they could not recover and repair them or replace the crews.

I'm not down playing what Eisenhower and the allies achieved on this historic date, but we must realize that without the Russians breaking the back of the Panzer Corps, "Overlord" could have become a dismal failure. To all veterans, I salute you for your service and sacrifice.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Good morning all, Headed off to Tulsa for the 35th high school reunion. Yep, get to have a lot of fun and not worry how I act. I won't see most of them for another five years. Good times. I'm slowly working through the sequel for "Occupation." Looks like  July/August release. n the meantime, I put together a short horror story. The idea came from one of the current residents. It's available on all Amazon sites.

Haven't forgotten about the action/thriller post. It will be up Wednesday or Thursday.

Have a great weekend!