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Friday, July 26, 2019

Poetry for Debbie

Something I've been toying with. Thoughts are welcome. 

My Heart

I thought it was mine
I knew it was mine.
What did I know?

It was full of happiness.
It was full of joy.
It was mine to control.
Or was it?

I stood by your bed.
I stroked your chest.
The warmth was subsiding.
The pain diminishing.
My heart began aching.

A sensation swept over me.
Thirty years ago I gave what I
Thought was mine.
It wasn’t.
It was always yours,
Yet I still didn’t know.

Your breathing stopped.
The pain began dissipating from
Your face.
The Doctor told me she was gone.
His words shattered my heart.
My heart!
But it wasn’t mine.
It had always been hers.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Remembering Debbie ten years later.

I thought I understood cancer after losing my partner and father. Little did I know, I knew nothing about breast cancer and the effect it has the female psyche. I was about to get one of the most important lessons about it. 

Chapter 14 Please Leave the Light On. Love's True Second Chance

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Breast Cancer Tribute. Remembering Debbie ten years later.

This Saturday will mark ten years since Debbie passed. I decided to read a couple of chapters from our book, "Love's True Second Chance."

Thursday, July 4, 2019


            If this flag offends you and you support Colin Kaepernick, then you have no business staying the United States America. Betsy Ross did an amazing job depicting the thirteen colonies that stood up to the most powerful and oppressive empire at the time-Great Britain. It was true that the sun never set on the empire for they conquered and enslaved millions over the globe. And then those pesky colonials said, “Enough is enough” and took a stand. They sacrificed everything when they singed the Declaration of Independence. They knew their signature put a rope around their neck if caught and their fortunes would be seized. The colonist defeated the British and new country was born. But it didn’t stop there. The British tried again in 1812 to break us up and failed again. One hundred and four years later we came to the aid of our arch rival and helped them and France stop the Huns from the quest to dominate Europe. Twenty-three short years later, once again we answered the call and came to the aid of our wavering ally. The Rising Sun and Swastika were on the verge of splitting the world in two and conquering and enslaving the globe. The United States again rose to the call and when it was over, became a super power that defeated Imperialism and National Socialism. Still offended by her flag? Too bad

            If it were not for These United States, there would be no free world. We would not enjoy the liberties those brave, forty men put on paper so many years ago.  Instead we’d be ruled by oppressive regimes that cared nothing for “We the People.” They only pandered to their own selfless interests and the wealth of those who they ruled. Still offended by the flag? Again, too bad!

            And where are we today? In a time where liberal, socialist and communists are doing everything in their power to apologize and degrade this great country. No longer are the police or teachers revered. Law and order is no longer the law of the land, it makes excuses for criminals and villainizes those who try and uphold the laws of our nation. Our news agency have been infected with the disease and keep spewing out their biased and skewed ideas of the greatness of socialism and the evils of conservatism. They have no knowledge of our history and are doing their best to eliminate our hard-fought independence. They say we are offending people when he say the “Pledge of Allegiance” place our hand over our heart when singing the ‘Star Spangled Banner” or flying our flag to show our patriotism. TOO bad. For those who believe this drivel they need to read the true accounts of our “Greatest Generation” when they watched our flag go up over Iwo Jima Saipan, Okinawa, and the Philippines. Or when the flags were raised on the California, Tennessee, West Virginia and Maryland. And let us not forget when “Old Glory” was raised over the ruins of the World Trade Center attack and still flew proudly at Fort McHenry. Remember that? Still offended. Too bad.

            Let’s also no forget why we paid homage to December 7th and June 6th. They were watershed moments in our history that propelled us into the most horrific war of the twentieth century. Why is it we remember these dates so vividly and yet 9-11 is being swept under the rug? That’s right, we might offend someone. Too bad.

            Today is July4th, Independence Day for the These United States. This should be a day Democrat, Republican and Independents should stand together and appreciate and honor all of those who sacrificed their lives so we can celebrate our day of Independence and yes, that means honoring the Stars and Stripes from Betsy Ross to today. Still offended? Move.