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Monday, June 7, 2021

COVID Update 6-7-2021


COVID 19 update 33,636,322 total cases, 596,967 deaths. New cases 397,900.00. deaths 2,779. WE 5-15, Apple News, if you want to call it news, got all excited that new cases had dropped below 30K per week. Appears they jumped the gun again. They were correct for one week, but the preceding and following rates were 42K We 5-8 and 45k from last week. The good news is mortalities had a dramatic drop of 6,684.00 per week. This is the third lowest death toll since We 4-19-2020.

          Worldwide more good news for the US. We have dropped to 7th in percentage of mortalities versus population. Ranking, Bosnia .2840%, Italy .2099%, Brazil .2256%, Peru .2045%, England .1918%, Mexico .1827%, US .1809%, Spain .1716%, France .1676% and Sweden .1410%. India had the highest new cases reported at 20.787. They are third in moralites behind the US and Brazil. Six state, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA  account for 25.25% of cases and 29% of moratlities. TX and FL respectively 16% and 15%. NY, NY account of 11% of cases to population. I’m still asking the question no one in the media is, why did it hit New York State so hard? 52, 852 deaths to CA 63,423. NY has 1/3 of the population to CA. Yet Andrew Cuomo had the gall to pat himself on the back for the fine job he did. Try again.

          Of the bid four CA, TX, FL and NY, CA reported a 3% increase while the other three reported 1% increase in new cases.

          Mortalites per state is interesting. Since We 5-15-2012 it’s been a rollercoaster that would have any statistician scratching their head. NY is the perfect example. These are the deaths the reported WE 8-15 52,366, WE 5-55 42,558, WE 5-19 45,558 and WE 6-6 52,852. Other states with similarities inconsistencies Ill, MD, NB, SC, AR and AK.  We went from 592 deaths per day WE 5-15 to 3,636 We 6-6. Tell me again who’s in charge? CDC, John Hopkins or Count Dracula? All seem to be reliable sources.

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