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Sunday, February 7, 2021

COVID 19 Update 2-6-2021


COVID 19 update 26,957,001 total cases, 462,037 deaths. New cases, 851,905, a decrease of, 206,298, -24% . 22,616 deaths last week an increase of, 585, 2.65%. Deaths per day, 1,495 since WE 4-19. Up 40 per day from last week. Deaths/day WE 2-06, 3,433. An increase of 290/day. Six states still account for 26.826% of cases and 33% of deaths: NY, NJ, CT, CA, MA, WA. TX and FL 4,258,611 17% of cases and 66,928 deaths, 16%. It is the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Death rate versus known cases, US infection rate, 2.0361%, mortality rate, .1265%. States with the biggest increase over 10% from previous week: IN,TN and DE. These three account for an increase of 3,120 mortalities. US accounts for 26.259% of known cases and 20,797% of mortalities, worldwide. Comparison to other countries mortalities to population: England .1682%, Italy .1510%, Bosnia .1447%, Mexico, .1334%, Spain .1313%, Peru .1290%, US .1265%  France .1204%, Brazil .1069%, Columbia .1106%.. Sweden that didn’t shut down .1176%. Of the developed countries, Australia is holding steady with no new mortalities reported at 908. They’ve lost one person since qw-11-29-2020. These numbers come from the CDC and John Hopkins.


          US recovery rate of those testing positive is 98.34%.

          There is some good news, to a degree: NY, CA had a drop of 2% new cases per week, FL, 1%  and TX stayed level.

          It doesn’t stop there. Reported new cases keep dropping dramatically each week 205,298 this week, 176,724 last week 337,654 before that and 206,038 We 1-10-2021. Sadly that isn’t the case with mortalities. There has been a steady increase since WE 1-24 from 3,056 to current 3,435/day. Statistics would dictate that as new reported cases keep dropping the mortality rate should follow. Only time will tell.

          With just under 30million doses injected or less than 1% of the US population, I can’t see that affecting the drop in new cases.

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