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Sunday, February 14, 2021

What direction is the United States taking? Two perspectives. Draw your own conclusions.


         In order to give this article perspective, I copied a post so you can draw you own conclusions. The first part is a liberal’s analysis. The second is mine.


         Here's an interesting thought experiment. Think of a hypothetical country where the President who was up for reelection systematically called the electoral system into question before the election (even though his party was in power), then lost the election, then stepped up the rhetoric about a "stolen" election, called his supporters to the capitol to stage a protest, encouraged them to fight to reclaim "their" country, and then when that group of supporters stormed the location where the election was being certified neglected to call out appropriate law enforcement to quell the mob, and after the protest was quelled he told the mob he loved them, but go home. Now, imagine that country is Russia, or Venezuela. Would ANY Republican in the USA say that was ok?? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure 95% of Americans would see that as the strong arm tactics of a dictator. So is that OK in the US?? Let me help you with the answer. NO. NOT EVER.




         Imagine a country where a man decides to run for president and from day one, the media hates him. They spend day after day, attacking him and his family for any and every infraction they can fabricate. Imagine running against a two-party system that deems you a threat to their entrenched power, positions and wealth. Imagine that man knocking off opponents one after the other who are quote, “professional politicians” and have no clue on how to stop his momentum. Imagine that man winning the presidency despite the massive uphill climb the entire way and then keeping his promises: America first, good trade deals, strong military, booming economy, securing borders, actually enforcing immigration laws, removing strangling regulations and keeping the environment first and foremost. Image recording the lowest unemployment numbers for all races across the board to the point, there were more jobs than people to fill them. And yet, the media and elected officials spend their days trying to bring him down at every turn. The accomplishments mean nothing to them for their power structure is at stake and they feel threatened. Then imagine a day when racial tensions explode across the country and those who were voted in to keep their constituents safe turned a blind eye in the name of politics and power and did nothing to stop it. In fact, many encouraged the behavior just as they did eighty-three years ago. Instead of going after a race, they went after one man and his supporters. They deemed them, along with the media, enemies of the state and they were responsible for all the ills in the country and their own short comings. Back then they called it Kristallnacht, today it’s hidden in the disguise of BLM/ANTIFA aka, racial justice. While the names are different, the tactics are the same: burn, riot, loot, attack kill and injure those they deem different, all in the name of peace and the cloak of unity and justice. All the while the media and politicians not only support it but encourage it on a day-to-day basis. But for whom?

         Imagine this happening in the bastion of democracy. Imagine a country where the media has become a tool for a political party. Think Pravda, Der Zeitung, Beijing Daily and others. Imagine a country where free speech is being suppressed because a percentage of the populace doesn’t agree with it and continues to condemn those with a difference of opinion. Countries that ascribed to those theories created, the killing fields, concentration camps and gulags, all for the greater good of the state. They became masters at turning neighbor against neighbor and even children turning against parents and siblings, all in the name of the state.

          Imagine a country, that despite its faults, strives to improve and grow, acknowledging its shortcomings and failings yet moving forward by learning from the past for a better future. Now imagine a sect doing its best to eliminate its past by apologizing for being the beacon of democracy and all it has achieved in a short two hundred and forty-five years. Now imagine the words “of the people, by the people and for the people” being eliminated and you begin to understand what is going on in the Beltway. History has proven that those in power whether it was Greece, Turkey, Rome, Germany, Czarist Russia, USSR, North Korea or Red China will not go down without a fight or convince themselves that since they are the ruling class no one would dare challenge their power and authority for after all, they are the ruling class, in their own minds, and are convinced they know what’s best for their subjects. And for those who aren’t convinced, they use the army to drive their point home and protect themselves from their own populace.  If you can imagine any of the above, then you can see those events are happening here.        

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