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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Mark Cuban National Anthem


            Well, well, well. Mark Cuban has shown more than his true colors, he’s shown his disdain for the country that allowed him to become a billionaire. Living in Dallas, TX. I’m very familiar with his style and brand of basketball his organization plays. I’m not a basketball fan by any stretch since, let’s just say, I wasn’t the most prolific at the sport. Yeah, walking, dribbling and chewing gun on the hardwood was more than a challenge for me, it was, to be honest, an impossibility. I proved, “White Men” can’t jump. That aside, I remember when the Mavericks franchise hit the scene. My buddies at Stout Hall were very excited Dallas had a major league basketball franchise and since they were the new kid on the block, a lot of the guys were cheering for the underdog. Those were heady days to say the least. I even took an interest in the upstart team. And then came the internet and it all starting going to hell.

            Due to financial issues, Don Carter needed cash and needed it fast. Mark Cuban, rich, white, pampered, Jewish boy, hits it big with his program for streaming and Yahoo sold the farm to buy the streaming program for a ridiculous $5.7 billion. A bit much, but what the hell. Stocks were exploding and money was pouring in. What would Mark do with his new found wealth? What else? Try and buy a professional sports franchise. Who and what to buy? The Rangers, Cubs or Mavericks. As luck would have it, the Mavericks were looking to sell and fast.

            We’ll give the devil his due. In the early days, Cuban revitalized a flagging organization with sharp, precise, shrewd deals and put the team on a winning path. Add in his unorthodox actions as an owner, by not wearing a suit, combing his hair and verbally attacking officials for questionable calls, he became the poster boy for the “new age owners.” Fans across the country welcomed his tirades on and off the court with great zeal. He was going after the establishment and hard. He didn’t care how much the league fined him, it only added to his vim and vigor and caused him to be more boisterous in his criticism of officials and the old guard. He showed his players, not only in the wallets, that he had their back and would fight for them to the end. It was an exciting and refreshing time. And then it started changing.

            While Mark continued to expand his empire, he couldn’t help himself and began becoming political active. Nothing wrong with that. I’m sure many professional owners are politically active but unlike Mark, they didn’t have to shout it out from the rooftops. Mark was a big Obama and Hillary supporter and absolutely despised Trump as have most of the technological elite have done in the past five years. Fair enough. The 1st amendment provides that right. But, he couldn’t stop there and became “woke.”

            He, like many of his peers, believe their voices are more important than the fans that have supported his team over the past twenty years, In the good times and the bad. Granted, he did step up and pay his employees during the 2020 season, with the shortened season as those employees also have bills to pay. But that’s where it stops. He took a cue from the soccer team in Tulsa, OK. that refused to play the Star-Spangled Banner at Veteran’s Park before each game. Yep. Cuban has decided, on his own, our National Anthem will no longer be performed or played at anymore home games for the 2021 season. I find this appalling. The country that has provided him the opportunity to amass his unholy wealth, isn’t good enough for him anymore. He doesn’t need the support of those who made damn sure his family, Jewish, could live their lives out and prosper in a free country. Instead of being grateful, he has turned his back on those who made sure the world would remain free and that his race wouldn’t be wiped off the face of the Earth in an oven or by the sword of a Samurai. He just threw all that out the window in the sake of being “woke.”

            Well Mark, all good things come to an end. While the rest of the NBA realized, when they examined the Nielsen ratings, how unpopular the BLM and Woke movement damaged their ratings and decided to tone it way down, you take it upon yourself to ignore the stats and ban the National Anthem at home games. Are you stupid or what? I realize that boycotting your games won’t even put a dent in your obscene wealth. I realize your lifestyle won’t be affected by this horrible decision. I realize your children won’t go hungry at night when ticket sales and television ratings plummet. No, you won’t be affected by any of this. One thing that will you won’t be able to gloss over is, while there is a percentage that will hail you as a warrior, there is a much larger percentage that will not support your egregious position and will let their voices be heard by picketing at the AA Center, calling for you to sell the team, and boycotting ticket sales.    

            To the Maverick players, if you don’t have a problem with the owner’s action, you can also leave town. To the fans who do attend and don’t agree with Cuban’s decision, you don’t need the music to sing our National Anthem. You only need to stand and start belting out the tune with or without the consent of management. It is a sure way to make your voices heard inside and outside of the AA. Its time to “Woke” Cuban up!        


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