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Sunday, April 25, 2021

COVID 19 update We 4-25-2021


COVID 19 update 32,070058 total cases, 571,471 deaths. New cases, 472,028, an increase of 45,494. 2,382 deaths last week a decrease of 2,165. Deaths per day, 1,488 since WE 4-29. Down 12 per day from last week. Deaths/day WE 4-25, 819. An increase of 171/day. Six states still account for 25.460% of cases and 30% of deaths: NY, NJ, CT, CA, MA, WA. TX and FL 5,076,753 16% of cases and 84,901 deaths, 15%. It is the 4th leading cause of death in the US. Death rate versus known cases, US infection rate, 2.4742%, mortality rate, .1732% New Jersey has the highest rate of mortalities versus population at 11%. US recovery rate, 98.22%. States with the biggest increase over 10% from previous week, None. All other states were stable at 1-3% increase. US accounts for 21,894% of known cases and 18.436% of mortalities, worldwide. Good to see this number slowly coming down. Comparison to other countries mortalities to population: Bosnia .2485%, Italy .1975%, England .1912%, Brazil .1859%, Peru .1828%, US .1732%, Mexico .1716%, Spain .1660%, France .1567%, Sweden .1352%, Since December, Australia had been holding steady. They’ve reported 2 mortalities and looks like there’s an uptick in cases. Will be watching to see how they cope. These numbers come from the CDC and John Hopkins.  

          US recovery rate of those testing positive is 98.22%.

          The big four results. NY continues to report a 2% increase each week. FL 2% TX 1% and CA 0%, Thought Cuomo had this beat, according to his book. Yet, each week the numbers keep going up. Good job Andrew.   

          Here’s a new stat worth looking at, mortalities per country: Brazil 389,492, Mexico 214,853, India 192,311, United Kingdom 127,417 Italy 119,021. Haven’t heard anything on Brazil have you? Not only is the country having an explosion of cases, President Bolsonaro is prepared to call out the military to eliminate mandatory lock downs. That’s an interesting development. Why would he take such rash action? Because lock downs aren’t working. If they did then the numbers in NJ, CA, NY, MA and CT should have been minimal instead of leading the country. Peru is also having a surge. Bottom line, Mexico, Central and South America are surging and our border is still open. Why?  

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