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Sunday, November 21, 2021

COVID UPDATE WE 11-21-2021


COVID 19 update 47,661,242 total cases,79,643 deaths. New cases 649,902 an increase of 65,792 from last week. Deaths 7,825, down 74 from last week. Mortalities are 1,112 day, a decrease of 17 per day from last week. The average death toll per day for the last 690 days is 1,115. And increase of 0 from last week.

Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Peru .6177%, Bosnia .3702%, Brazil .2924%, Columbia .2544%. Mexico .2333%, US .2332%, Italy .2209% England .2159% Spain .1879%, France .1781% and Sweden .1467%. Top countries in mortalities, US 769K, Brazil 612K, India 465k and Mexico 292K.Top mortality countries last week, Russia 8476, US 7,825 India 2132, Brazil 1,365, Mexico 1,273, and England 1,031, Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA. account for 23.084% of cases and 25% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 17% and 18%. FL has the highest infection rate/population 17%.  TX, 15%, NJ, NY 14%, MA. CA 13% and CN 12%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 43,700, CA 32,960, TX 22,818 and FL 10,059. They account for 17% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.39% of those infected.

          Worldwide, the US accounts for 18.533% of cases and 1% of mortalities. Is there a surge going on? Appears the numbers are starting to level out. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 24. Top six, CA 648, TX 582, PN 552, MI 530, OH 420, and  FL 383,      

          Vaccination rates 42.1% Worldwide. United States 59.1%.

          All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.

          Isn’t it interesting how CA and NY continue to lead the nation in new cases each week? After all the mandates, lockdown and general BS, why are cases still surging while, TX and FL cases keep dropping? This isn’t a red or blue issue, it’s always been an American issue that was politized by the MSM and politicians. Why? It was an election year and the left had nothing to combat Trump. Remember all the memes of cemeteries depicting lost voters? Why aren’t they going strong now? Since Biden’s inauguration, there have been 20,704,241 new cases, 44% of US cases and 307,606 mortalities, 40% of total in US.

          I find it humorous how Biden keeps whispering about getting the shot when our Southern Border has evaporated and cases keep surging in the US. It’s interesting how vaccination rates continue to rise so do the cases. Since Biden or Mayorkas won’t shut the border down, states need to do it and stop relying on the Federal government because they are proving, they have no interest in its citizens

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