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Thursday, November 11, 2021

Veteran's Day 2021 II


They said it would never happen again.


For four bloody years, farmlands, forests and rivers

Ran red with our blood.

From the banks of the Seine to the steppes of Russia,

Young men fell by the thousands.

They fought for country, family and flag.

They were relentless as the clawed at yards of dirt,

Hoping for a victory that would end the slaughter.

Flesh was fried, bones shattered, bodies dismantled,

Others never identified.

It was a titanic struggle never before seen in the annals of warfare.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day, an Armistice was signed.

They said, it would never happen again. Yet…


Twenty-one years later, the promise would be broken.

The guns of September roared to life launching the world into

Another cataclysmic calamity.

Millions would die in their homes, forests, rivers, ovens and beaches.

This one ended twice, May and August.

They said, it would never happen again. Yet…


Another call to arms,

Again, the blood of our youth spilled across the fields, mountains,

And streams.

The pristine snow-covered land, was stained with crimson.

Another battle, another day another war. When will it end?

It was a bitter-sweet conflict.

So many dead and maimed. So many mentally damaged.

And for what?

They said, it would never happen again. Yet…


No matter what they say, we must always be prepared and alert.

We must always be ready to answer the call and protect the freedoms

And liberties of those who can’t.

We are the guardians of the world.

We are the United States military and know one thing,

When they say, it won’t or can’t happen again, those who came before

Us know the truth. It can and it will!   

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