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Monday, November 15, 2021

Executive Orders Comaparisons. 11-15-2021

 Here's something the news isn't covering, that includes FOX. I wonder why? Remember when Joe said a President who governs with EO's is a dictator? Well let's look a the comparison. As of today. Biden has signed 68 EO's, 26 EA's and 91 memos for a total of 185. His predecessor, Donald Trump signed 33 EO's, 28 EA's and 30 memos for all of 2017. He is on pace to sign in 904 during his term. Trump signed 220. How does that stack up with other Presidents? FDR 3728, Wilson 1,803, Teddy Roosevelt 1,081, Hoover 968 and Truman 907. So, buy Joe's statement on October 15,2020 with George Stephanopoulos, those five Presidents and himself are dictators.

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