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Monday, September 6, 2021

COVID 19 UPDATE WE 9/5/2021


COVID 19 update 39,960,123 total cases, 647,887 deaths. New cases 1,130,072 an increase of 44.675 from last week. Deaths 10.821, up 1,855 from last week. Mortalities were 1,532/ day, an increase of 268 per day from last week. The average death toll per day for the last 613 days is 1,056. And increase of 5 from last week.

Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Bosnia .2988%, Brazil .2785%, Columbia .2488%. Italy .2148%, Mexico .21%, England .1998%, US .1963%, Spain .1814%, France .1737% and Sweden .1426%. Top countries in mortalities, US 637K, Brazil 583K, India 440k and Mexico 262K.Top mortality countries, US 10,821, Mexico 5,962, Russia 5,438, Brazil 4,352 and Iran 4,163. Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA.  account for 24.018% of cases and 28% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 17% and 16%. FL has the highest infection rate/population 15%.  TX 13%, NY, NJ 12%, MA, CA 11%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 31,210, CA 101,270, TX 134,396 and FL 108,234. They account for 33% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.38% of those infected.

          Worldwide, the US accounts for 18.209% of cases and 14,246% of mortalities. Is there a surge going on?  Yes. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 24. Top four: FL 2,345, TX. 1,681, CA 722 and GE 547.

          For some reason, there have been no new numbers reported from PR, Guan, USVI or North Marianas for the last three weeks, I wonder why.  

          All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.

          In regards to vaccinations, the US is at 53,4 % while the world is at 27.9% completely vaccinated.

          When are the networks going to shut the hell up and stop spreading their narrative on the virus? It is a sad day when their propaganda becomes the “truth of the day,” when their only purpose is to garner ratings. Don’t believe me? All you have to do is go to FB or Twitter and see the proof. There is no grey area when it comes to opinions. “Didn’t get the shot? You are a a threat to me and my family.”   “I will not be a guinea pig.” “Science is always evolving.” “What is today’s Fauci flip-flop .” “I won’t get the shot if Trump is President.” I will get the shot since Biden is President.” That about sum it up? I think so and in spades.

          I have tracked the numbers for sixteen months and have a fair handle on what is going on. I will chose to take the shot this week not because of the rhetoric but because it is my choice and no one else’s. I am not being shamed into getting it, I’m getting it for medical assurances. Nothing more, nothing less. I will not cry out, “Look at me! Look at me! I got the shot,” like so many have. We didn’t cry from the rafters when we given the polio, small pox or MMR shot, We got it, and went about our lives. That is what I will do.    

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