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Sunday, September 26, 2021



COVID 19 update 42,871,356 total cases, 687.876 deaths. New cases 845.208 a decrease of 192,558 from last week. Deaths 14,239, up 158 from last week. Mortalities were 2,260/ day, an increase of 255 per day from last week. The average death toll per day for the last 634 days is 1,084. And increase of 10 from last week.

Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Bosnia .3157%, Brazil .2836%, Columbia .2505%. Mexico .2194%, Italy .2168%, US .2084%, England .2042% Spain .1845%, France .1754% and Sweden .1439%. Top countries in mortalities, US 687K, Brazil 594K, India 446k and Mexico 274K.Top mortality countries last week, US 14,239, Russia 5,559, Iran 5,117, Mexico 4,165, and Brazil 3,692. Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA.  account for 23.502% of cases and 27% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 18% and 17%. FL has the highest infection rate/population 16%.  TX, 14%, NJ 13%, NY, MA, CA, 12% and CN 11%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 35,940, CA 49,048, TX 80,010 and FL 53,338. They account for 26% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.40% of those infected.

          Worldwide, the US accounts for 19.535% of cases and 15.126% of mortalities. Is there a surge going on?  Yes. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 31. Top four: FL 2,340, TX. 2,048, GE 865 and AL 813.  

          All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.

          In regards to vaccinations, the US is at 55.6% while the world is at 33% completely vaccinated.

          There was a recent article talking about the falling cases in CA. What they failed to mention was cases in FL have also dramatically fallen while cases continue to rise in NY and TX. When will this virus stop being politicized to push individual agendas?  Sadly, in our technological society, everyone wants an answer now. They don’t want to wait for factual information to be released. They want immediate gratification. Point in case, the Border Guard accused of whipping an illegal alien. Even though the photographer and those of his colleagues, who said it didn’t happen, are being ignored. Why? Because the press and even the leaders of the US bought into the façade. It isn’t a sad time when the press can spin their own story to the point no one, ie: out leaders, believe the false reports before they have the facts. That my friends, is a dangerous combination.  

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