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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Herbalife UP!


Grocery shopping used to consist of a liberal visit in the cookie/doughnut aisles. Couldn’t wait to knock out a bag of Keebler Chocolate Chip, original or soft, or knock off a couple of Hostess Cinnamon Cakes. Ahhhhh. Since I started the shakes, not the case anymore. I’m afraid the elves are going to go on strike.  #Herbalife


I know I’ve got some of your attention. You’re thinking, “If I buy a product from him, he’s going to bug me into submission.” Right? Wrong. Once you buy a product, it’s up to you. Will you receive harassing calls and emails? Nope. Will you be free to shop on your own? Absolutely.  The choice is yours. However, if you want, say 25% off, yep, you’re gonna have to talk to me, but not too long. Since I talk to myself, I know how painful it can be. Still with me?


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