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Sunday, September 12, 2021



COVID 19 update 40,988,382 total cases, 659,556 deaths. New cases 1,028,259 a decrease of 101,813 from last week. Deaths 10.669, up 848 from last week. Mortalities were 1,645/ day, an increase of 112 per day from last week. The average death toll per day for the last 620 days is 1,063. And increase of 7 from last week.

Worldwide Ranking mortalities/population, Bosnia .3028%, Brazil .28%, Columbia .2495%. Italy .2155%, Mexico .2137%, England .2013%, US .1999%, Spain .1825%, France .1744% and Sweden .1427%. Top countries in mortalities, US 659K, Brazil 586K, India 442k and Mexico 267K.Top mortality countries last week, US 11,669, Russia 5,429, Mexico 4,656, Iran 3,760, and Brazil 3,196. Six states, NY, NY CT, CA, MA, WA.  account for 23.832% of cases and 28% of mortalities. TX and FL respectively 18% and 17%. FL has the highest infection rate/population 16%.  TX, NJ 13%, NY, CA 12%, MA11% and CN 10%. Of the big four, new cases reported, NY 34,298, CA 68,875, TX 119,984 and FL 109,244. They account for 32% of the new cases reported. Survival rate is 98.39% of those infected.

          Worldwide, the US accounts for 18.677% of cases and 14,503% of mortalities. Is there a surge going on?  Yes. States that reported more than 100 deaths were 27. Top four: FL 2,398, TX. 1,799, CA 761 and GE.

          All of these numbers are generated from information obtained from the CDC and John Hopkins.

          In regards to vaccinations, the US is at 54.1% while the world is at 30.1% completely vaccinated.

          On a personal note, I did receive the first shot last week. Some will ask why. Some will ask why did it take so long. My answer to those questions is simple, none of your damn business. It’s a personal choice based on the information I’ve gathered over the last sixteen months and the career direction I’m taking. It has noting to do with what the media is constantly spewing, or those that attempt to shame those who won’t take it or those that chose not to be a guinea pig. That is what the media has pushing and continues to push today.

          Our parents and grand-parents were faced with the same decisions back in the 50’s when Jonas Salk introduced the polio vaccine after decades of research. It wasn’t widely received when they were informed, they would be infected with the disease to prevent the disease.  Excuse me? You’re going to put what in my body? Thank you, no. It was a choice until the school districts decided to have mandatory vaccinations for children, if they wanted to attend school.

          I don’t remember my parents hooting and hollering about the shot I would receive. They made sure I was where I was supposed to be, at the correct to get the shot. There was no mass media, twenty-four hour news pounding the populace to take it or not to take it. Our parents did the research and decided it was the right choice and that’s how I look at today’s vaccine. Turn off the TV, stop reading FB and twitter posts that have their own agenda. Do your own research and make the decision that is right for you.

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